Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And the winners are..................

Denise and Stephanie V.  Congrats to both of them.  Their names were chosen very scientifically.  I called dd and said pick a number between this and this.  She picked out 10 and 15.  So I chose the 10th and 15th comment on the giveaway post, and that is how they won.  Dd had no idea why I wanted her to choose the two numbers until after the fact.

I am sorry if you didn't win, I appreciate it that you entered.  I may have another giveaway in the new year if/when we order another batch of books.  When we have sold out this batch of recipe books, we will have made just over $1,220 in profit for the church, so not too bad.

I was just thinking I haven't whined on about the grass for a few days, have I?  So I guess I had better have a little whine.  Last Friday the weather went from stinnking hot to stinking cold.  Guess it all had something to do with the fact it was a Bank Holiday weekend.  It was cold and wet all weekend.  It managed to dry up a bit on Monday, so I took advantage of the dry spell to cut some grass.  Pleased to say I think it is not growing as fast, as it's been well over a week since I last cut it.

Dh meanwhile was "bored" Sunday morning and so he started to pull apart the "new" basement.  Which meant dismantling the old powder room down there and cap off the plumbing.  He continued with this on Monday by pulling off the panelling and the drywall, which all smelt "foisty/damp/musty."  So I helped him clear out what he had pulled off and took it in the trailor to the back of the truck.  We are heading to the dump on Tuesday morning to get rid of it all.  There is evidence of black mold on the drywall, so the sooner we pull everything out the better.  All the wood and panelling we will burn.

So we are going to basically strip the new basement down to the bare walls and start afresh.  Mind you I hadn't realized we were starting this job now, as we have a dozen or more jobs to do first, including sorting out the eaves troughs and installing the new garage door.

One thing dh didn't do was clear out the new basement............so everything down there is covered in drywall dust now.....great......  I swept up in the old basement this morning, ready for moving all the crap stuff from the new basement.

While dh was in the new basement, and I was in the old basement, Molly was doing this:

Yes, she was relaxing on the chair, despite the fact she's not supposed to be on there!!


JohnD said...

Congrats to the lucky winners - damn it! LOL!

Stella Jones said...

It's certainly a dog's life for Molly - in the best sense of the word. My cat leads a similar life.
Congratulations on selling so many of the recipe books for the church.
Also congratulations to the winners of the giveaway.
Sounds like you have too much work at the moment!
Blessings, Star

The Witch said...

Congrats to the lucky winners!!
I think Molly has the right idea about vacations.
It seems you are going to be very busy again doing the powder room.
Your house is coming together just beautifully.
I also can't wait to see your daughters Birthday cake, those cupcakes were sooo cute.

DeniseinVA said...

Thanks for the book Gill. It was a lovely surprise this morning and please thank your daughter for picking out my name, even though she was unaware. I am excited to be receiving this lovely cookbook that I have been reading about since you started with it. Molly's photo is really cute. Just love the pleased expression on her face. Looks like you had a real busy weekend. We were at the dump too as we started turfing lots of stuff out of the garage. Have a great day and thanks again.
An English Girl Rambles

Karine said...

Oh yes, Molly truly looks concerned by the fact that she's not supposed to be up on that chair!

As for dh's doing in the basement...aren't guys a hasard when they're bored???

MyBulletinBoard said...

Molly has certainly got her relax'. She'd make a good southern hound. If you put HER in charge, you'd both get some rest! . . . . . . . Sounds like your staycation is about as inspiring as ours. After we have been married this long, a trip to the dump can be pretty romantic. Careful about that mold. Hope you have masks.

You've done such a good job on this cookbook, I'm sure you'll be nominated to do the next one. See what you've started? You'll always be known as the Cookbook Lady. That's just the way it works. LOL

Liz, The Republic

Stephanie V said...

Oh, I won. Thank you, Gill - and your daughter's numbers! Can't wait to see it.

When does the grass stop growing there?

peppylady (Dora) said...

The weather sure has changed. It now cloudy and with feel of fall in the air.
But I have to say we didn't have much of a summer which I thought we needed a break from compare to summer of 09.

Molly sure has a great life.

Coffee is on.

Rose said...

Molly looks terrified...I can just tell she is an abused dog;-)

Congrats to the new winners...

I like your little whine about the grass...though I no longer mow ours, ours has slowed down to and I am glad.

John Going Gently said...


lost again!!!!!

chksnowqueen said...

Love, love, LOVE the expression on Molly's face. She does live in the lap of luxury and lucked out when she picked you out.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you Gill for having the contest.