Friday, September 17, 2010

General chit chat...........

It poured down all day on Thursday, so it was just as well dh got all the gutters and downspouts sorted out, so no more leaking and clogged gutters.

We went out for the day to a mall, Vaughan Mills Mall.    Only ever been there once, and to be honest won't be rushing back to the place.  Most of the stores had very loud music playing in them, so that means they are not stores we are rushing into!!  I am also wary of stores that only have half a dozen items of clothing hanging on the know you would be paying through the nose for anything in that type of store.

We went into Bass Pro Shop not a store to my liking.  I couldn't get over the Camouflage Furniture, again not my cup of tea.

It's gone cool, very Fall like.   We have managed to hold off putting on the heating and haven't put the fire on yet. 

I am finishing off this post on Friday morning.  I have chronic toothache AGAIN.  Obviously whatever he put on my tooth has worn off so now I am feeling the full effects of it all.  So I am going to pop some Advil Gel Caps to see if that dulls the pain.  I can see it being a long week!!!

All I can say is that this must be punishment for something bad I have done?


LizBeth said...

Bless you! I do hope the gel caps knock the edge off. Do you need more antibiotics? Is it hard to get hold of a dentist on the weekend up your way? Down here it varies. We have a wonderful dentist here who actually lets you call at home. His wife is super. Nice thing about smaller towns -- sometimes.

Liz, The Republic

Jane and Chris said...

We once visited Vaughan Mills...we won't be going back either!
Poor old you, your toothache must be getting you down;once your dental work is finished you will feel SO much better.

Kim said...

We went to Vaughan Mills for the first time a few months back. DH & DS love Bass Pro as they are big into hunting. I found some neat stuff in their cookware section though, they had some cast iron stuff that was nice. That mall is so huge, you really need a whole day to see it all (as most was spent in Bass Pro). The pet store way at the back side of the mall is quite nice too. Hope you tooth feels better soon.

Shammickite said...

I've managed to avoid a trip to vaughan Mills so far, have driven past it on the 400 many thimes though.
Camo bedspreads with matching drapes just don't turn me on!

Leiani said...

It seems like only the other day you were telling us how hot it was there and now it getting cool! The seasons go by so fast. I hope your tooth feels better soon.

Karine said...

Oh, Gill, I wish your tooth issues would clear up...I feel so horrible for you :o(

As for stores with loud music, I totally know what you mean...I never go into stores who have music blasting, it just totally drives me away!

Anonymous said...

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