Monday, September 13, 2010

More photos.......and other things.........

Bought three garden mums on Saturday.  There are lots of flower heads on them, but they are not out yet; I got one in a cream, one in a light rust and one in a darker rust.  I also picked some pumpkins from the garden, plus that huge orange squash, I think it is a Boston Marrow Squash.  No idea what I am going to do with it, and I have one butternut squash ready.  Overall quite an attractive fall display don't you think?

I thought I had picked all the ripe tomatoes last week, but I see I have a lot more that need to be dealt with!
Here is a photo of the plants I picked up on Saturday.  They include a couple of Rose of Sharon shrubs, one white and one lilac.  I picked up a Holly bush which is both male and female, as you do need both the get the red berries.  There are also a couple Rose Mallow plants, one in white and one in red.  The small lilac plant at the front is a Penstemon, I have never had one of these plants before.

A bit of good news we have sold out the first batch of the recipe books, and people are still wanting them.  I finally got a cheque signed so I can now pay for the first batch.  I am playing telephone tag with the vicar but when I finally catch up with him, we can figure out what the next plan of action is.  I want to order another 200 copies, but it's not my money, so we will have to see what/if anything is planned over the next few months, like fundraising dinners, where I can sell the books.

The key is to try and sell as many before Christmas to encourage people to buy them as Christmas gifts.  I am not 100% sure if I want to get too involved in doing all the fundraising for the church, but left to the regular parishioners nothing much will get done.

We had a day around the house on Sunday.  Dh got a couple little jobs done around the house.  We are going to get the septic system looked at and cleaned out.  So one job we do have to do is locate the lid to the tank.  We have a vague idea where it is; we were told it was in the middle of one of the flower gardens.  So I cleaned it out of the annuals, and dh made a start on digging the hole.  He is now two feet down and still no sign of the top.  He'll work on it a bit more on Monday, as it could be as far as four feet down!

Put dh's blanket on his side of the bed, so it is officially the cold season now, as per dh!  He did well this year by not having his blanket on for three months of the year.  I refuse point blank to hunt out the flannel sheets yet, maybe next month.  I am also hoping to not put the heating on for another month, however I doubt that will happen.  I did check on the level of oil in the tank and it was above three quarters full.  We had it topped up at the end of June, so fingers crossed we can go through to November before getting it filled.

It's funny how only a week or two ago we were absolutely sweltering and now I am talking about putting the heating on.  Fall is upon us now.

Dh now starts his last week of vacation.  The first two weeks have just flown by, hopefully this week won't


landcuckoo said...

It doesn't take long for the summer to fade and autumn and winter to come marching on in does it!
Noticing the nights drawing in much quicker here, although it does mean that the fires can go on and snuggling up will be the order of the evenings!
Take care
Sarah x

Leiani said...

Oh how I wish I had a garden like yours.......

The Witch said...

Love your Fall display.
You have purchased quite a few new plants, I'm sure they will all look lovely next year. I have to get out and get some Fall Moms I just live the colours they come in. Makes it hard to choose.
I hate the thoughts of turning on the heat. It just means more money will have to be spent.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gill,
I am really interested in purchasing one of the cookbooks. I realize you are in the process of ordering more with the approval from your Vicar, I want to be on the list when/if you do order more. I would provide my email address, but they say it isn't safe to do that. Do you check your blogger email? Or, would you be willing to create someting on your blog for readers that are interested in purchasing? I don't have a blog, I'm just a reader, hence the annonymous post.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I will be ordering more cook books next month from what I can gather. I will update everyone about it when I get the next bunch, which should be early October.


Daxingcujo said...

The display is lovely..perfect fall ready!
Yep, my RL is whimpering to about the *chill* in the air, fall is both our favorite time of we are looking forward to most of it ( dread the chilly part that lets the flakes fly!)
Flowers look great and I am sure they will be awesome come spring!
Sigh- I'd love a garden such as yours!

Jane and Chris said...

We have had a couple of evening/overnight fires(but we do have to check the new woodstove works don't we (hehehe!). I always try to wait until Oct 1st to put the flannel sheets on though.

Karine said...

I've slept under my duvet several times already, so yes, fall it is! Or almost, at least.

You certaily do have a nice array of fall harvest goodies from your garden! You could always make a few different kinds of soups with the squashes and pumpkins and freeze them!

Denise said...

I love these fresh mornings and having the windows open all day. Still quite hot during the day time yet. Your garden bounty looks wonderful. You and I have the same taste for color in mums.
An English Girl Rambles

Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

I'm glad to see the Boston Marrow grew up in your neck of the woods, Gill. We planted some again this year, and our harvest will be quite a productive one. Last year, our largest one weighed right at 43 lbs. This year, there is one that looks like it will surpass that.

The squash you picked looks like it is just starting to ripen. When they are fully ripe, they are a beautiful true orange color. It may continue to ripen as it lays in the sun in your fall display.

As far as what to do with it, treat it as you would a pumpkin or butternut. I have a recipe for a delicious pie on my blog, if you'd like to try that.

Happy harvesting!