Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday at home........

On Sunday I had to sew the blocks for the block of the month club.  This month's block is called Cubed Lattice.  Would you believe both the blocks below are the same pattern, I just set them differently.  One thing that was different with this block was that it used four different materials in the block and up till now I have only been using three materials.  Tuesday's meeting will be the last one for the year.  I am not sure if I'll join the 2010/2011 club.

We had a day at home on Sunday.  As well as sewing, I went to church and for once there were a few more people than normal there, including a couple more children.  Sunday school is in the basement of the church, and I swear this morning those kids had hob nail boots on, as they sounded like a herd of elephants, I thought I was going to have to say to the Vicar to speak louder, and I am one of the few who doesn't wear a hearing aid!!!

Got all the paperwork and information gathered together for the meeting with the financial planner.  That itself was a job and a half, as they need to know so much.  Between me and dh we got it done, and things aren't looking too bad to our unprofessional eyes!  Mind you after the meeting, we could be proved wrong!

It's dh's birthday today, 29 and holding I'm guessing!!!  We are having blood work done first thing, and as dh has to fast for his tests, I decided to take him out for breakfast after he has done his test as a birthday treat, it will be a full English fry up!!  Mind you the closest we get to that over here will be fried eggs, a couple of sausages, hash browns and two rounds of toast.   Also having this kind of breakfast after he has his blood tests is more advisable as it won't make his tests look bad!!


John said...

Ahhh! A good old fry up - three weeks of choleterol to work off in every meal. LOL!

One thing I love about our trips to "The Camp", I always have a full breakfast of scrambled eggs, black pudding, bacon, mushrooms and fried tomato with toast and vegemite and several mugs of strong tea!

Limey said...

You do such lovely quilting— everything lines up wonderfully (unlike my attempts!).

If you're interested, I'm doing a little Autumn giveaway on my blog: My Autumn/Birthday giveaway. Hope you enter!

Piece by Piece said...

I can feel my blood vessels clogging up already.
Don't know if you saw my comment on your previous post, EastEnders is back today, not on BBC but on the Vision channel, @ 9:00 p.m. every week night.

Star said...

Isn't it amazing how different the two blocks look just by choosing different ways of putting the squares together. I like them both incidentally.
Oh I wish you could get some decent bacon! It just isn't the same with the bacon over there. What the h..l do they do to it to make it so greasy and uninteresting?
Good luck with the blood work (strange expression). I also await blood test results.
Blessings, Star

Kim said...

I really like the look of the brown block. I really need to get back into my quilting.

That full English breakfast OMG! did you see the amount of oil they fried the eggs in? You definitely couldn't have that too often! Growing up, we often had beans with breakfast.

Stephanie V said...

Seeing your blocks, I am reminded that I have a quilt to finish for grand son. It's taking me forever to find the time. I like the way different settings just turn it all around.

John said...

Star - are you frying or grilling your bacon? I always 'dry grill' my bacon - but - I like it 'crispy'. LOL!

Josie said...

the blocks look great, I like the brown one especially.
Josie x