Sunday, September 26, 2010

Great Northern Exhibition.....(photo heavy)

Dh managed to get home early from work on Saturday so we went to The Great Northern Exhibition, and we both said afterwards what a great time we had.  The only thing that spoiled our day was the weather, as it kept raining, mind you we were dressed for the weather with both of us wearing coats.

We saw a lot of neat things, and I learned a few new things.  I now know more about fan tailed pigeons than I thought I would ever need to know!!  My total knowledge about pigeons is that Jack Duckworth keeps them on Coronation Street!!  It turns out these pigeons are the equivalent to poodles in the dog world; pretty to look at but pretty useless otherwise!!

I took a pile of photos, so I am going to have to split them up over a few days so I don't bore the heck out of you.

One of the things we enjoyed a lot was the mud bog.  I have never seen this before, and was lucky enough to stand next to a guy who was really into it, and explained the in's and out's of it all.

What amazed me was some of these vehicles going through the bog were people's regular on road vehicles.  There was a mobile truck wash there that could if they wanted wash them down.

 This was a pretty neat looking vehicle.  The guy driving it was covered head to foot in mud; all I could think was his poor wife/girlfriend/mother who has to do the laundry!
 They went so fast that the mud just flew everywhere.
 This truck was driven by a young girl and she was really good.
 This was someones regular truck, as it had licence plates on it.
 Here are the tractors putting more mud in the bog to make it harder to get through.
 This was really funny, as one truck got stuck, so the big tractor went in to pull it out with the chains.  Then the tractor got stuck, so now we have a truck and a tractor in there, so they had to put chains on another tractor to pull them both out.  Meanwhile some guys were shouting at the tractor driver to use "something differential???"  I think that was the word, it meant nothing to me, but the gist of it all they all thought the tractor driver was useless!!
 Just another photo of another truck, which by the way, next time we saw it did not look like this, it was covered head to foot in mud. 
If I ever see an advert for this sort of event, I will definitely go, as I thoroughly enjoyed it.  They had a truck pull later on at 5pm, but it was cold and we were not keen on getting wet AGAIN.  However I think next year if it's warmer we will stay for that.

I also said to dh he would have loved doing this if he was 30 years younger, as I would.  Now that we are "old farts" watching is the best thing for us!!!


Tracey said...

I am a wife/mother who has the laundry to do after such 'fun' events! My lot are into muddy 4x4 & other dirty sports in a big way. xxx

Rose said...

This type of stuff is very popular around here...or was. It seems to not be 'in style' quite as much as it was. Or else I just don't pay attention....

mrsnesbitt said...

I have a vehicle very similar to one of these - great in the snow which we get a lot of here on the yorkshire moors.

Karine said...

Yuck, look at all that mud!!! If my Sweetheart was into that kind of thing, he would be doing his own laundry!!! lol

John said...

We race these through mud in Australia - LOL!