Saturday, September 18, 2010

Giving to others and money........

Got a letter in the mail this week from the church.  Why they had to mail it I do not know, as the vicar probably goes past our house a couple days a week..........OR he could have given me it this week when I attend church.  Anyhow there was a newsletter that was pretty long winded and didn't make too much sense to me.  A "fancy" envelope for the Thanksgiving service...........I am guessing they want you to give more during that service???  I give the same small amount every week, it's what I am comfortable giving, and I know it won't be as much as a lot of people, but it's better than nothing.

Also there was mention that they are collecting for the local women's and children's shelter.  So when I went grocery shopping on Friday I picked up a few boxes of pasta and some toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, soap and toothpaste) to put in the collection box.  I'll pick up some more things next week when I go shopping again.

Is it something you do, give to shelters etc?   I feel I should volunteer my time somewhere as well, but can't figure out where the best place to volunteer would be.  I have been asked to volunteer at the local museum, but as yet haven't commited to anything.

Next week we're going to meet with a financial planner to go over where we are at, and where we are going money wise.  We have always basically done our own financial planning, but decided we should maybe get a professionals point of view.  We're under no obligation to do anything, so thought why not take advantage of the service.

Money with a bit of a whine now..............our bank requires us to keep $3,000 in our chequing account, so that we don't pay service charges of $12.95 per month.  Isn't that a rip off?    If we only kept $2,000 in there we would only get 25 transactions a month free.  If we kept $1,000 in it, we would only get 10 transactions a month free.  I can't make $12.95 per month in interest anywhere else on that $3,000, so we have no choice but to keep that money in that account.  I need to research other banks with the view of moving our accounts to another bank.

What's stopping us moving everything at the moment, is the work involved, changing our direct debits etc.  Still it's annoying how much money these banks are making every year.

Busy day on Saturday as the kids are coming over and we are going to do some jobs around the house.


Lori said...

I volunteer during the summer. Yes, I receive something in return (a camping spot) but I love the volunteer job. I try to support the local library in some way during the year. I give quilts of various methods to QOV, Project Linus, a nursing home, and a couple hospitals.

LizBeth said...

I give where I have peace and joy giving and where I actually know something personally about how the money is used, which means local giving, not big programs way off someplace else where my little tad goes to more mailings and promotions.

One of the problems I've come to have with churches is that they take way too much to keep up their own buildings, etc. for their own comfort and do very little, if anything at all, to help their own members. I remember one time when we were still in school and Hubs was way underemployed. He was looking for another job. We didn't even have enough to give what we had been giving previously. I finally wrote a credit check on our card. I was so depressed. It was three days later before I came to my senses. Why didn't somebody bring that check back and help US?

Just give what you feel God leads you to give where He leads you to give it.

Liz, The Republic

John said...

If you are on limited or restricted income with fixed 'out-goings' a finacial plan is a great idea - lets you know where you are at. Fortunately for us, Rhonda is an excellent financial manager, in fact, she's a whiz at it!

Connie Walsh said...

PC checking. The only things that cost are special services and cash withdrawls from places other than their ABMs.

I love them. They are a sub bank of CIBC. So you can do your cash withdrawls or deposits at anywhere there is an atm.

ING also has a free checking account. I think you can do free withdrawls and deposits at credit unions.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I know that there are some religions that ask for a certain percentage of what you make, but I think that your giving what you feel good about is what should matter--Not how much someone else does compared to how little you give...There's a parable in the New Testiment in Mark about that...

Each year at our church when they're doing a food and clothing drive for the shelters here, I do a blanket and towel drive along side it for the animal shelters...I always think they need help too. :-)

Hope your tooth is better--Over the counter Motrin is better for pain if you can take that...

Stephanie V said...

I always reconciled the amount of money I had available for my church (small) with the time I gave them in various ways (big).

I spent many years as a volunteer in Girl Guides. And now, I volunteer for our local seniors' center which some days seems to be a full-time job. Neither of these organizations ask(ed) for more than my time. I know money is always necessary and we spend a lot of time fund-raising but labor is one of the highest costs and volunteers are a huge help there.

I'm with you on the big banks. And, yes, it's a hassle to change. We have a financial manager because it's so complicated these days. And we can spend more time volunteering.

Evelyn said...

shoot had a nice long post and it got lost1 anyhow I agree with everyone lol!
charities i support, my church (mostly with service not money) and Samaritans purse (shoebox campaign)

Shammickite said...

Try Presidents Choice savinga account and Pres choice no-fee chequing acct.
And if you have a PC credit card, you get points that can be spent on groceries .

Kim said...

Another vote for PC accounts. No fees and way better interest.

My son's school collects for the food banks before Thanksgiving & Easter.

Some years his class also adopts a needy family at Christmas so we buy specifically for their needs. I have often used my PC points to donate grocery gift certificates.

I don't attend church, so don't tithe.

I have donated Christmas gifts to woman & children's shelters in the past.

Rose said...

I don't volunteer for anything...been thinking when things settle down with family that I would like to volunteer a bit of time at the library since I use it all the time and they are feeling the crunch.

It is far ours isn't too bad. $750 minimum balance for free checking...$5 if we don't maintain that. But I keep waiting for it o change.

Also, they recently ask us if we wanted them to cover debit purchases even if we were out of funds...I think it was a $35 charge for each one. I thought they have to be kidding...just think of what someone else could do if they got hold of the card.