Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another day out, and lots of photos....

On Saturday morning we went the Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery as they were having a Home Show, and we wanted to check out the companies who were exhibiting there. 

This is the entrance to the garden centre.  the local radio station was broadcasting from there.

Here is the exit.
They have beautiful displays.
They had the Christmas towns set up, click on the photos for more detail.

This scarecrow display was on the way out of the store.
This beaver was on display at one of the exhibits.
I bought a number of plants and the metal star below.  I will take photos of the plants another day.

When we got home I burned a pile of wood on the firepit, while dh repaired the eaves troughs.    The plants are going to have to wait for another day to get planted.


cassagena said...

I love your star!!!!!

Jane and Chris said...

We used to live in Barrie and bought all our plants from Bradford Greenhouses. It certainly has grown over the years. They always used to have really nice Christmas things in there,

Karine said...

That looked like a great home show, I love the beaver!

Evelyn said...

lovely1 depressing though to see so much Christmas stuff already. the halloween stuff looks gruesome this year, more so in the past. i see bags of severed limbs even, yuck. I love a good fall decoration without being halloweenish

Evelyn said...

and i love your star!

Teresa said...

I can't believe there are Christmas displays out already! The star looks great!