Sunday, April 12, 2009

Packing and a new cell phone, oh and Happy Easter

to you and your families. We don't do much as Easter is concerned. I had a turkey in the freezer, so had to cook that, so invited my dad and step-mother over on Friday night. Then on Saturday we had the kids over for turkey wraps and pitas at lunch time, the kids were busy for the rest of the weekend, so this was the only time we could all get together.

The turkey was only a 10 pounder, but it did us for supper on Friday night, lunch for five on Saturday and two casseroles for the freezer, which will come in handy over the next couple of weeks.

While the kids were here I got them to go through the last of their stuff, which in dd case was a lot of things. Ended up with two big garbage bags full of stuff to throw out. Another huge pile of stuff for the yard sale, two bags of clothing for charity, a couple of boxes dd took with her and a couple of more spaces in the basement. Dd said all I invited them up for was to clean out their junk..........YOU DON'T SAY ;0)

Dh has worked like a trooper these past couple of days and has got the shed cleared out, and most things packed up in the garage. Which has resulted in the being barely able to move in the garage.........and we wanted to put the stuff we have in the basement in the garage also.......

Dh has a couple of jobs to do around the house today, including taking the fan down in our bedroom and replacing it with the original (icky) light fixture. I also want to dig up my magnolia bush (the one I am hiding behind in my profile photo), as that was an anniversary gift from me to dh, and three of my poppies. Not sure if that is technically allowed, but at this point, I don't really care. I am betting the people who are buying our house aren't gardeners.

Now for my cell phone saga. I don't use a cell phone that often, but due to the fact I am mechanically challenged, dh feels its necessary for me to have a cell phone in case I break down in the car. So as we are changing companies for our home phone, Internet and TV, I cancelled my cell phone as well, as it was with the same company. I had a useless phone, which I could never hear, despite me turning up the volume all the time, so I destroyed that. So on April 3rd I had no cell phone service, and you know what I wasn't bothered.

Dh however was, so on Saturday, while we were in the mall, I got a new cell phone from Koodo One of the reasons I went with them, as it's only going to cost me $15 + taxes per month. For that I get 50 anytime minutes and 50 text messages per month, which is more than sufficient for me, as I only want it for emergencies etc.

Now along with me being mechanically challenged, I am also technically challenged. So for some reason when I rang my new cell phone to make sure it was working, it tweeted like a bird???? Who wants a phone that tweets like a bird? I know I don't. Couldn't figure out how to change that, so got dh to sort that out, but there is no ring tones that sound like a telephone. He picked out a ring that was the least offensive!!!

So when I was in the "store" she offered to give me a new "skin" for my cell phone, in a blue camouflage print. I said no thanks, and she said why not, so I said to her, do I look like a blue camouflage person, which when she had a better look at me, she said no I don't think so!!! I won't take something just for the heck of it, not when I have no intention of never using it.

I did manage to put in three contacts in the address book, no idea how I managed that, but I did. Now I have to figure out how to send text messages, that should be interesting. Between me and you, life would be so much easier without cell phones!!

Well that's enough of me rambling on for another day!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to you too,


Cathy said...

Hello Gill
Mobiles should live up to their name (mobile) and go walkabout as far as I'm concerned lol
Things are going ahead at a fast pace as far as the house clearingis concerned - will it take you long to unpack or will you be too exhausted?
Take care

LizBeth said...

Hey! So plant something in its place and mulch around it. Happy Easter, Liz

Winifred said...

Happy Easter Gill.

I hate mobiles and like you only want mine for emergencies.

It's amazing how some people seem to be ruled by their mobles. I get really annoyed when I'm with someone, their mobile rings and they stop talking to you to answer it.

It's so bad mannered, like saying "Oh someone more interesting/important than you is calling, so just wait a few minutes 'til I'm finished." Cheek!. I just let mine ring if I'm with someone and look at who has called later. I'm not letting a phone control my life.

Hope your magnolia survives the move. I think you have to list the things you are taking with you in the sale contract here, even garden stuff. As you say the new people may not be gardeners so it would be a shame to leave a lovely tree.

Don't wear yourself out. You seem to have boundless energy but you'll need some to spare for when you move into your new palace!

Lib said...

Hi Gill,
Happy Easter to you!
I'm not a cell person! DH&Ds is.
Sounds like the packing is coming along great!:o)
Have a great day!

mommanator said...

Have a blessed Easter

scrappy quilter said...

Happy Easter friend. We don't own a cell phone and won't in the near future. I think they are one of the most invasive items we can own. They ring everywhere, whether it's at a funeral, in a meeting or having a nice quiet meal with your family and someone's is going off. Okay...enough. has you can see they aren't my favorite thing.

When is your moving date?

Naturegirl said...

Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter!

Anonymous said...

I feel for you with your packing. We did it 18 months ago having lived in a large house with huge loft and out buildings for 20 years, to a small modern house with no useable loft space , few cupboards and small garage. I'm also with you on the mobile phones. Jennie bought me a new one when we moved here to replace the "brick" I had had previously and then mischievously fixed the ring tone to the sound of the Cavalry arriving!