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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Skywatch Friday

This weeks photo's were taken around 6:30am on Sunday morning, as the sun was thinking about rising!!! Both were taken in the car, the first one when dh was getting gas and the second on Hwy 7 heading to Hwy 400 (info for the Canadians!!). It was a nippy cold morning, but turned out to be a nice day.

(as always click on the photos for more info)

For more Skywatch Friday photos, please click on the link

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Ooo that looks like a nice warming glow! Just looked out of my window to see a very pastel coloured sky with the sun going down, off to get the light on as I can't see what I'm doing now!
Take care and have a lovely weekend
Sarah x

Very pretty colors on the horizon! I love catching the sunrise before it has a chance to crest the horizon!

A lovely, gentle sunrise. I'm glad it turned out to be a really nice day.

Hi Jill, i like the morning look shown in the pics. So peaceful. :)

Wish you a blessed easter week-end!

You made me giggle (yes, really) when you said "info for Canadians." Very cute. But it does help me know where you were. ;-)

So early in the morning!

Thanks for sharing your colourful early morning photos with Sky Watch Friday.

Congrats to your DD on the career opportunities.

What a gorgeous sunrise! A great day would have to follow this one! Have a great weekend!

Glad you had your camera with ya, great shots.

Have a great weekend
Regina In Pictures

"Thinking about rising" is a great description, looks a little shy and tentative in those photos! Lovely!

what a great view to welcome a warm day!

Beautiful colors:) Great sunrise! Happy Easter.

gorgeous pictures,this is amazing, wonderful picture for a wonderful friday... thanks for sharing..

Check out mine here:
Happy Friday!

lovely shots...some times the best shots are taken from the car.

loved the horizon's colors, nice! happy weekend!

Mix Pix
Reflections by Mariz

Wonderful presunrise colours. The second shot has a very nice perspective to it as well. I hope you weren't driving :)

A lovely and warm glow. Perfect sunset!

Nice morning to drive by and take photos of! :)

What a pretty greeting for early morning travellers! Lovely sunrise and reflection!

Beautiful photos of the sunrise on an early Sunday morning, Gill. It looks like you had a gorgeous day. When does the move happen???


They do betoken a lovely day to follow. Nice shots.

Gill: Neat shots of the sunrise, a beautiful time of day.

Great photos. I really like the second one cause you never see the highway that empty! Thank you for sharing these with us and have a wonderful weekend.

Not surprised it was alovely day after such a lovely sunrise.

I love the photos--but am even more impressed that you were up so early!

Happy Easter to you and your family!

It is such a beautiful sky you have captured. I work at 6 am and walk to work and these skies are so familiar and is why I love my morning job so much!

Great skywatch photos! I love the hues in the sunset.

Oh my gosh, I'd forgotten all about Petro Canada. Swoon. Who thought seeing a petrol station would make me cry?

Hope the new home is going well & you are loving the country life!

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