Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Catch up time again..........

Its one of those a bit here and a bit there posts.

It poured down all day on Monday. I know I am British so I should be used to the rain, but honestly it gets into my bones nowadays when it pours down. I must be getting soft or old!!!!

Monday morning seemed to go by in a blur, the phone never stopped ringing, so I suppose that could have been why!! I did get a bit more packing down and added some more things to the garage sale pile!!! The way things are going, I can see me having as much as last week to sell!! As I was out running errands on Monday, I saw where the Salvation Army drop off point was so on Monday of next week, I will be dropping all what is left over there.

Had a bit of a weird experience on Sunday. We were just leaving the house when an SUV pulled up and the guy rolled down his window and shouted hi to me. No idea who it was, but shouted hi back. He then said he was the guy who had bought our house and had brought his friend by to show him the house. So I stood and talked to him for a minute. I commented on the dog he had in the car, and so he got out and let his dog out, a huge German Shepherd, who immediately went and peed up a storm all over the neighbours yards.

His friend got out at the same time and we stood and talked about the dog for a minute. He then asked me if the garden was greening up, and I said yes, and they proceeded to walk into our back yard with the dog, without asking permission, while I stood there with my mouth open. Dh is wondering who it is, and figured as I was talking to them, I must know them.

So I go into the back yard, and try to steer them out of the our garden, as they pass the dining room, they stop and peer into the window!!! The dog has meanwhile ran out of the yard, and dh is petting him, as there were some young kids out, and this dog was big enough to knock them over.

Now for those of you in Canada and probably the States, what these guys did is a no, no. It's written into the contract that they can visit our house one more time, no later than a week before we close. Our lawyer says under no circumstances do we let them look around the house when ever they please. It's such a lot different to how you sell houses in Britain. No where near as informal and friendly. I talked to our real estate agent this morning and told her what happened, and told her to remind these guys if they want to come over to measure up etc, they have to make an appointment before this coming Friday. So we'll see what happens next.

I think I have mentioned before that one of the neighbours has a Chihuahua. I love dogs, but that rotten dog is always yapping, as the owner is forever leaving it outside. Well Monday morning, along with the incessant yapping, the geese were honking very loudly. When I looked out of my spare bedroom window, the geese were on my neighbours roof, and they back onto the Chihuahua's house, so the poor dog was going mad. Wasn't sure which animals neck I wanted to wring first, with all the going's on.............LOL

Are you still putting your $1 away each day in the Daily Savings Club? IF so you should have $21 in your pot today!!


Rinkly Rimes said...

I don't know how you've managed to keep up with your routine with so much happening!

Cathy said...

Hello Gill
Wonder what it'll be likeonce the big german Shepherd starts barking as well
Wont be you problem will it lol

Clippy Mat said...

I was going to say what Cathy said ha ha
good luck with the next garage sale. maybe I'll come by and find a bargain. :-)

Decadent Housewife said...

Sounds like you'll be glad to get out to the country for some peace and quiet.

QuiltedSimple said...

That would be so annoying for me! But it won't be too long now and you'll be free of the problem, right?

The Good Life in Virginia said...

you mean you won't miss the geese...they are such an interesting spectacle in your neighborhood :)
barking dogs...i have issues with them and owners who will not do anything to stop the noise...
have a wonderful day.

scrappy quilter said...

Glad you didn't let those guys in the house. Glad you'll be free of the barking dog in a few weeks.


mommanator said...

I haven't been online in a week, but have cauht up with yous. looks liek all is going along as expected. Glad the yard sale went well.
I bet the neighbors cant wait for the shepherd to move in and give the chi a run for his money, poor mallard though

Gaynor said...

It isnt like that in the Uk anymore lol...all very legal and according to solicitors instructions.

I should think you will be glad to get it all over with. the house is lovely. I can see why you went for it.
Good luck on the move...watch out for the newspapers: chihuahua eaten by GSD lol
All the best

Anonymous said...

small dogs + geese = a big headache ;0)

Winifred said...

You're well out of it Gill. Were the geese wild? Can't imagine anyone has geese in their back gardens.

Best of luck for your next sale. Hope the sun shines for you.