Friday, April 17, 2009

Buddy Friday - Do you pay more for certain grocery items?

I know I do. One example is paper towels. The cheaper ones just don't work for me and I end up using twice as many as the more expensive brands. The same goes for baked beans, we are a Heinz Baked Beans family, no other brand will do, although we have tried the Bush Baked Beans the vegetarian flavour and must say they are nearly as good.

Always had to buy Heinz ketchup for the kids when they lived at home, as they wouldn't eat any other brand. Did try the switcharoo, you know when you fill an empty Heinz Ketchup bottle with the cheaper brand and pass it off for the real thing, but that never worked, and to this day, the kids will only eat Heinz Ketchup.

Black garbage bags are another thing, I find the cheaper ones burst open so easy, that's its worth the extra pennies for them. However we hardly have any garbage, so I generally use oversized grocery bags. Though with me using my cloth bags at the grocery store, I don't get many plastic bags. So I generally only buy one box of 40 garbage bags a year, so it's not a big expense for me.

I also prefer the name brand (Kleenex) paper tissue (to blow your nose with), as there is nothing worse that having a cold, and cheap scratchy paper tissues. Same with toilet paper, I like the cushy type to wipe my royal butt with, not the cheap stuff. Do any of you remember the toilet paper that was like greaseproof paper? I think it was called Izal toilet paper, that was the worst toilet paper ever.......

I will try cheaper brands of everything but if they don't work, I won't use them again.

This is more for the British Expats. We did a taste test (blindfolded, very scientific!!) on Cadburys chocolate from both Britain and Canada, and there is a difference, the one from Britain tastes a whole lot better, even though they are supposed to be the same!!

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Margaret's Ramblings said...

I know what you mean Gill. With me it's tea, PJ Tips are the only ones for us. I have even been known to take my own supply out with me. How sad is that.


landcuckoo said...

Ooo I agree! Had Cadburys chocolate in Australia - it is not the same as here! They do have more fun flavours, but for plain milk choc then UK is best!

Loo paper - I remember the tracing paper toilet paper - our maths teacher used to send one of us to the loo to get it to use as tracing paper for tessalations (I think that is what they were and I don't recal their relevance in the real world!)

Have discovered that Branston Beans are a good alternative, but only get them when they are on special!

Have a lovely weekend
Sarah x

Laurieluc said...

I agree completely! There are some name brands that are necessary to pay for and you nailed them. I do try to shop wisely and weigh the cost, but for some things, it's wasteful NOT to buy a particular brand. Nice post!

Anonymous said...

There is only one type of soy milk I like - and even though it has gotten so expensive lately, I won't use anything else. I'm also very particular about the garbage bags I use. I don't use many, but it has to be the right brand and the right mil - the others all just tear on me so quickly.

Jo said...

Hi Gill, I love your blog! I agree with you on the Baked Bean purchases. I am vegetarian and things like beans, chickpeas and lentils are my "meat" So I never stint on these items. We had Heinz (beans, tom sauce and more) when I lived in West Africa but here it's All gold or Koo or NOTHING for me. Your skywatch photos are beautiful. Enjoy your weekend.

mommanator said...

I totally agree with all said. I only want Scott's for my butt. Plus it's better for the septic, although I dont have to worry about that any longer! I dont think I have heard of that brand, but I have lived long enough to remember using he Sears catalog and an old telephone directory!
I likr Bush Beans & Heinz as well, but then I plain ole like beans!

scrappy quilter said...

I agree too. I'll try anything once, however when it isn't up to standard, we don't buy it again. What I do then is watch for coupons or purchase when on sale. Great post.

Niki RuralWritings said...

Yes I do pay more for the brands that are better than the no name or cheaper stuff. Kethcup, tea, laundry dtg (Eco from Coscto can't be beat) and some President's choice products which i love, and of course TP. I do buy whatever is on sale that week for most of my shopping, but I am "loyal to certain brands of some items.
Have a great weekend!

Decadent Housewife said...

Baking powder - only Magic
Baking soda - only Arm and Hammer
Corn Starch - only Canada Corn Starch

Royal hiney! Lol!

Anonymous said...

Gill, you take care. Hope the move goes well. Sure have enjoyed the Buddy posts together. Gotta take a big break. God bless, LizBeth

2sweetnsaxy said...

This was a fun post. There are some things I don't sub but mostly I'm a cheapee. I hate my totals at the grocery market so sometimes regardless of what I'd rather do I'm buying plain brand.

Anonymous said...

For me it is coffee, I will only drink a certain brand and type of that brand, just so happens to be the most expensive they sell, oh well got to have some luxuries right?

p.s Gill have put up the letters in flowers for you, just right click and save etc.

Lib said...

Hi Gill,
I have a few items I use name brands. I will buy 1 item of store brand if we use it or eat it I will buy more otherwise a waste of Money.
Have a great wk.end!

Kim said...

Yes TP, facial tissue, and ketchup have to be specific brands.

No frills has a great sale on Royale starting today btw (40 2ply rolls for $6).

And I remember liking Cadbury's chocolate as a kid, can't stand it now.

K said...

I read an article about Cadbury Cream eggs in the Toronto Star before easter & I'm pretty sure they mentioned they do something different with the chocolate they make for the UK market...but maybe I imagined it!

We only buy Bounty paper towels. They're much more expensive than the noname crap we used to buy but I find I can use one select-a-size sheet...about half a reg-sized sheet...for the same job I would use two full sized noname sheets for.
Is it worth it?
Hells ya!

Gill - That British Woman said...

great comments everyone!!

Evelyn said...

the only thing i can think of that I won't substitute on is coffee. i have to have my maxwell house, thankfully it goes on sale often. with two teen boys, i have to buy cheap as they eat constantly. evelyn

Niki :-) said...

I won't buy Peter Pan pb. It has to be Skippy LOL. No generic cereal either.

Winifred said...

Yes I have my foibles too!

I can't stand instant or filter coffee. Have to have ground coffee made in an espresso machine with frothy milk. Daughter says I'm a coffee snob!

Heinz Tomato and HP sauce are the only ones I like.

Have to have thick toilet paper like Andrex and when I have a cold I love those luxury paper hankies with the aloe vera or balsam.

I can live without chocolate but if I am going to eat it, I like Thorntons or Cadbury's. Mind you Aldi do a very good range of chocolate and it's much cheaper than the famous names. Their chunky bars of dark chocolate are cheap and brilliant for cooking. They also do lovely Easter bunnies that are bigger and much nicer than the Lindt ones.