Sunday, April 5, 2009

Saturday, a busy day around here......

As you read this on Sunday, we will be up north celebrating ds birthday. Its a long day for us but enjoyable, as we get to spend some time with ds.

We finally got a lawn tractor purchased, we bought this one. It never goes on sale, but this weekend at Sears they had a save 5% GST (tax) on things, so we ended up getting a 5% discount which is better than nothing. We are having it delivered on May 6th to the new house, so that's good. I know its not the best one, but its what we could afford, and we haven't seen a second hand one that we like.

We spent the morning doing more packing and clearing out. Plus dh did maintenance work on the pressure washer, lawn mower and whipper snipper (cuts edges of grass.)

In the afternoon I popped down to the grocery store to pick up some odds and ends. When I drove into the parking lot there was a police cruiser parked outside the front door, with its door's and trunk (boot) wide open and all the lights flashing. So of course my first thought is, now what!!! Anyhow the closer I got, all I could hear was loud music, it was music from Grease. So figured it couldn't be anything too drastic. What it was they were filling a cruiser with food for the food bank. So I picked up some lentils, cereal and pudding snacks for them. They gave you a list of what they were looking for.

Now one thing they were looking for was baby food and cereal. As you probably know my guys are too old for baby food, so can't say I am familiar with the prices etc. I was shocked though when I walked down the baby food aisles to find that a small jar of baby food was 77 cents, a larger jar was 99 cents. Baby milk powder was $25 a can. That is very expensive, add to that your diapers and all the other things babies need and it all adds up.

I did breast feed ds for around 10 days and gave up. Didn't even bother with dd and she was on solids at six weeks old, as we couldn't keep her full. I did use baby cereal and the odd jar of food, but I remember making my own pureed peas and carrots, or apple sauce etc. I still do make my own apple sauce for dh's lunches. I pick up the reduced apples 6 for 99 cents and cook and puree them myself.

We had cloth diapers for both kids and it didn't do them any harm. I suppose today is all about convenience isn't it?


Lakeland Jo said...

what a good idea. I haven't seen such a thing here but there are bins at the supermarket for the animal shelters locally.

LizBeth said...

If you change your mind about the mower, my DH will take it off your hands for nothin'. Better than 5% off, huh?

Don't get too tired. You still have to move IN. Liz

Laurieluc said...

My nieces are still little and my sister just finished her last pack of diapers ever! Yes, when she told me what kind of savings that would be, I was shocked!

scrappy quilter said...

I often get coupons for baby food. Hmmmm now I know what I'll do with them. I didn't realize formula was that expensive. Have a great day celebrating with your son.

Evelyn said...

I also made my own baby food and brestfed my youngest. also used cloth diapers. while i pureed veggies and potatoes and meat, I did by things like peaches and pears in jars as they were not more cost effective to make on my own. i just mashed up bananas and added milk. i also used cloth diapers and cloth training pants.

I can't understand why people say babies are expensive to raise, have they raised a teen boy?