Friday, April 10, 2009

Buddy Friday - My weakness..

First an update on the water barrel situation, that I talked about on this post last week. Dh is getting us the water container below for free, they throw them out, so that should work a treat once we get the attachments, and is a lot bigger than the 50 gallon barrels, so that's good news. It also comes with the metal cage around it, making it more stable.

Now for my weakness, I am a magazine junkie, I adore magazines, I can't get enough of them. I would rather read a magazine over a book. I just did the change of addresses for my magazine's and I subscribe to 10 magazines!! Now before you all fall over and say that must be costing you a small fortune it isn't. Some of the subscriptions I get free. I have just started to get Canadian Gardening, and I got that free when I purchased some pasta. Sent in the UPC codes and for some strange reason, instead of getting it for one year I am getting it for two years???

When we went to the Women's Show last fall I filled out a form and now I get Viva magazine free for a year......I actually don't like it, so am glad I am getting it for nothing.

I just signed up for Mother Earth News for a year, for $15.50 USD. I just paid $7.99 CDN in the store for it, so I am getting six issues for just over the price of two. If I have to pay for a subscription, I try and get a better deal by subscribing for two or more years. I know with the Country Woman magazine my subscription is good until 2012!!!

One magazine I can't get a deal on is the Prima magazine, which really sucks. I had wanted to get a subscription for it, but as I can't save any money by doing that, I may as well keep that money in the bank and just buy it monthly. Plus all the freebies you guys get in the UK with the magazine, well they don't make it over here for us :0(

So what is your weakness, and how do you make it affordable for you to submit to it?

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Margaret's Ramblings said...

I envy you those water barrels Gill. WHat a find.

And I know what you mean about magazines. Fiona and I are going to sit down this weekend and go through ours. We have such a stack. I usually donate them to our local rest home.

And I have a confession to make. When I go to the doctor's I have been known to (sshhh) steal a magazine if it has something in it I want. Terrible I know but I try to make up for it by taking them some of mine when I am finished with them.

Well that's enough confessions for now, LOL.


Clippy Mat said...

I will have to go back and read about the water barrels? the mind boggles ha ha.
i'm a magazine junky too. when i go to the uk I buy all of the home decor mags and get freebies. their mags are so much cheaper than ours. I subscribe to More, used to have Chatelaine but I hate it now. Stopped my sub. and they just keep sending me free ones?? Macleans, but it's been pretty depressing reading that lately. I like FIRST and GH. Also love RD when I'm in a waiting room. :-))

LizBeth said...

I never can keep up with the magazines so I have narrowed it down to Mother and Backwoods Home. And we are letting Mother run out now that we get BWH. Before that I still had some news and cooking magazines. Having them stack up really makes me tired. Guess I'm obsessive or something. Anyway, I finally decided that if they were stacking up on me I'd just not renew them until I had them caught up. That way I wouldn't have to keep piling up MORE unread magazines, and they would offer me all kinds of "deals" to get me to renew. Like having a one year subscription run for two years because it might take me two years to finish the one. LOL

scrappy quilter said...

Love that rain barrel. We have 2 and a 50 gallon tank as well.

My weakness....fat quarters and material. I stay out of quilting stores as much as possible. The best deals I can get is when I go to a quilting show...there is where I can usually find a few deals. I found though I'm frugal in most areas so that B and I can have some $$ to purchase our hobby supplies.

As for magazines I don't read many. When I do I get them from the library.

mommanator said...

I just can't imagine having time to read all those magazines! how do you do it?

Ruth said...

I used to read magazines until I started blogging...

Moonblossom said...

Well I'm a book and magazine person I love PF books and have a ton I lend them out to friends all the time! I adore your water barrels where we live you could fill that thing up on a every other day basis :)

Decadent Housewife said...

Books. Books. Books. And did I say Books? All purchased through my junk store travels.

Tea Time With Melody said...

My hubby is talking water barrel too. Must be something in the water LOLOLOL

Evelyn said...

my weakness? books. mostly gotten through freecycle, yard sales and thrift stores. rarely buy a new book. evelyn