Thursday, April 2, 2009

Again, a day late but never mind.......

Well I went over in my grocery budget last month by quite a bit. My goal was $325 and I actually spent $370.34. I will say I am pretty stocked up on toiletries and paper products, and the pantry is full, but not too sure what I spent all that money on otherwise??? I did have $324.81 in savings, thanks to me cashing in $200 worth of points at Shopper's Drug Mart. By after Easter I will have enough points for another $100 worth of free product on bonus redemption days.

My goal for this month is the same $325, with $100 in savings. I am hoping to be way under, as the more I buy the more I have to pack!!! And the more boxes we have the more dh will whine ;0)

Also this is the second day of the April daily savings club, and as it is $1 per day, today you will have $2 in your pot. I have been putting $1 away per day in my pot since day one, and that money will come in so handy for when we move, as between April 29th to May 1st, cooking meals will be hard, as I am going to be busy cleaning out the new house and actually moving house. So they will be long days, and I know I won't be wanting to start to cook meals after a long day cleaning and then a 50 minute drive home to our old house. Not sure what else we can do, so suggestions would be greatly appreciated, for money saving ways of providing meals during that time. I can see us living out of Tim Horton's for those three days.


Lakeland Jo said...

I am afraid I would say definitely eat out every night- that's what I would do. But in the spirit of frugality I don't suppose that's quite the answer you are looking for.
Well done on your amazing budgeting. I admire it.

Lakeland Jo said...

ps- what is Tim Hortons?

Anonymous said...

I'm a great fan of pasta with quick sauces and parmesan.

Cheap, quick and filling,


Gaynor said...

Cook now and freeze them. Trust me, it is much easier to defrost a nutritional meal on the day than to cook, drive out for take out which, after 2-3 takeouts, will make you feel ill anyway.

The freezer is always the first thing I move and the first thing I unpack.

I take my frozen food in a couple of bin bags stuffed with newspaper and towels..
The removal men lift the empty freezer and then I shove the bags in..they can stay frozen for about 12 hours...plenty of time to get the freezer installed in our new home. Just remember to take them out before the removal men try to life the freezer out again lol.

And of course you will need your microwave to heat them up in. I always pack a box I take with me, with tea, coffee, cus, knives, forks etc and of course a tin opener...
Hope this helps

Cathy said...

Hello Gill
Tim Hortons - one of the things we loved in Canada especially the tiny one in the tiny place where Dh's rellies live in NS.
Will you really worry about the budget when all this is going on around you?
I reckon freezing and then moving things quickly would be the answer.
Take care

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

I love your blog British Woman!! I followed you over from Margaret's Ramblings......I hope you don't mind?
Look at all your recipes, oh my!! I'm a caterer and am always on the prowl for a new goodie.
My Prince is from South London and we still have 1 kiddo in London and 1 in Wales. We have 4....all grown now. I long for them every day.
If you have a moment or two of your life that you'd care to waste, please visit me at my blog :)
Take good care and......

Steady On
Reggie Girl

QuiltedSimple said...

I would say start making double batches, and freeze half that way you can thaw, heat and eat. I'm figuring out lots of wonderful stuff that can be frozen (I put steaks in marinade and then freeze them so that when I pull them out in the morning to thaw, they've already been marinading). Which would also mean less to move too....

scrappy quilter said...

I would eat out during those few days. It will give you a break from cooking. You're going to be plenty tired. I firmly believe there are times when we can put frugality aside and these just might be one of them (at least for me they would be).

Laurieluc said...

What about using your crock pot or grilling?