Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Update on the Grandchildren

As you know we have five in total, so I thought I'd update you on them all.

Our Little Princess Miss N is now 4 years of age.  She was 4 last month and her parents registered her to start school in September.......where did the time go?  She is a chatter box and a bossy boots...LOL  She loves everything and everyone and is a joy to be around.  I got caught in the middle of an argument about who Rapunzel's mother is/was with her and our other Miss N.  One was adamant that the wicked witch was her mother, while the other said it was the queen.  Don't remember how I got out of agreeing with one or the other!

Our little man is 2 years and 5 months old and is a busy boy.  Although he was slow to start talking his vocabulary is coming along leaps and bounds.  He's also an amateur "naturist," as he does feel that clothes are optional!

Little baby J is 8 1/2 months old and is our fledgling supermodel.  She has legs that go on forever that girl.  She is a petite little thing and is as quiet and laid back as they come.  Mind you getting a word in edge ways with the two siblings she has would be hard to do!!!  The photo below was taken at the end of January

Below is Miss P that photo was taken at the beginning of January when they were in the Bahama's for our son's wedding.  She is a mommy's girl and growing like a weed.  She has four teeth and is crawling and pulling herself to a standing position.  She will be 8 months old on the 15th of this month.  As I told her mother be careful what you wish for, as she was walking at 9 1/2 months and was always on the go!!  Miss P looks exactly like her sister did at that age.
 Then we have Miss N.  Like her older "cousin," she also starts school in September and is a bundle of energy.  She's now in the last class at daycare and they are preparing her for school.  She loves her gymnastics class, she enjoys swimming, but HATES doing swim classes.  She got ice skates for her birthday and only "tolerates" going skating.  I guess it doesn't help if you spend most of your time on your bum if you can't stand up!!  She loves her sister and has a lot to say at times.  She is looking more and more like her dad.
When the two Miss N's get together they interact with one another and it's fun to watch them both.  Generally the older Miss N "controls" the situation while the younger Miss N goes with the flow.  They love one another and are always asking for one another.

They are all going to an indoor play centre today.  I was invited but I have had a headache all week and going to a play centre with a pile of screaming, excited children is not my idea of fun, so I passed...LOL

Both of the children's mother's go back to work in June.......where has the time gone too?  


Anne in the kitchen said...

Your grands are adorable!

T'Pol said...

Gill, they are all so adorable! They are surely growing up fast. May God bless them with happiness all their lives.

angela said...

Wow. Where has the time gone!
I remember when you were expecting the first grandchild
Yup we are all aging rapidly. How blessed are you with five beautiful grandchildren

Evelyn said...

beautiful grandchildren!

mamasmercantile said...

You certainly are blessed with five beautiful Grandchildren.

Jackie said...

Lovely grandchildren.

God bless.

Betsy said...

They are beautiful. How lucky you are to have them close by to be able to see them often, all of our grandchildren live far away. They sure grow up fast don't they?

Karen said...

Where does the time go?

William Kendall said...

Very cute kids!

I was four before I said a word.

barbara woods said...

They are all so cute

Jane said...

Awwww, thanks, I really enjoyed your updates! They grow so fast!

Carla said...

So very sweet, Gill! They are getting so big!! I bet you have a blast with them though!! :)

sandi s said...

They are all precious grands! Hugs,