Friday, February 3, 2017

I am still around

I have been in two minds about closing this blog, but am still hanging in there with it and am keeping it open for the time being.  

Health wise I am feeling good and hope to be off the blood thinners by the end of March, as the doctors put me on them to just be on the safe side, as there is no reason why I ended up with the blood clots on my lungs.  I will be monitored to make sure things are okay after I come off them and if things go downhill then I will be put back on the blood thinners.

My dh hasn't been well and it looks like this is going to be a drawn out affair trying to get to the bottom of it all.  We had hoped to move this Spring, but that has been put on hold until we get all our health issues sorted out.  Can't say I am happy about all of this, but it's something we have to deal with.  As with all things you sometimes have to be patient to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I hope to be posting on a more regular basis, as I do have things to talk about which may or may not interest some people.

I have been reading other people's blogs but I rarely comment; sorry about that but do know I read most people's blogs.


Betsy said...

It's good to have you back. You have been missed. Glad to hear that you're doing better, but so sorry to hear about your dear husband. I will keep him in my prayers. Hope to see you back here again very soon.
Blessings, Betsy

Jackie said...

Hope that you and your DH get to the bottom of what is going on with your health questions.

Nice to see a post from you, you have been missed.

God bless.

Susan said...

I rarely comment but wanted to say I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. I went through a bad patch when I just couldn't blog or do much else for that matter. The thing that keeps me going are the support of my regular readers-few but dear. Hang in there.

William Kendall said...

Health has to come first. One thing I would advise is to not close the blog- spammers tend to hijack closed blogs and then all of your readers end up getting a dozen or two posts of spam in a day.

mamasmercantile said...

Sorry to hear that your husband is now not well and that your moving plans are now on hold. Take care of yourself. said...

Hi Gill, Great to hear from you. Hope you and your DH are both feeling active and well soon.

Jane said...

Good to hear from you Gill. I've had a number of health issues too and know how they can occupy a lot of your time. I hope things improve for both hubby and you! I didn't realize you were planning another move - tell us more about that.

Alexa said...

Hi Gill

Not sure how I found your blog but tend to also read blogs that bloggers have in their side bar.

That is the real beauty of finding more bloggers who write about what you are interested in.

Hope both your health improves soon and please do continue to write. ...we may not always visit but when we do it is like finding a beautiful magazine free of cost to browse at our leisure :)

Love your stone house.

Visiting from Sydney Australia where we are in the last month of summer and middle of a heat wave. 40-44C

Take care

flowerpower said...

So glad to see you are ok and prayers to you and DH for a fast recovery. i was surprised ti see you wanted to move your home is so very pretty.