Monday, February 9, 2015

Groceries and Swagbucks......

Another not too bad week for my grocery shopping, below is what I got:

4 litre milk - $3.97
1x hair elastics $4.99 (I am growing my hair out and it is in the in between stage and driving me crazy :D )
1 x Raspberry Jam - $3.49
2 x Heinz Baked Beans @ 99 cents each
1 x Pasta Sauce - 99cents
1 x Rotini Veggie Pasta 95 cents
1 x 1 litre Olive Oil - $6.99
6 pack energy drink - $2.00 (for dh lunch)
1 x Chunky Soup $1.67
2 x Soup @ 75 cents each
1 x Cookies $1.99
1 x lrg tub yogurt $2.49
8 pack vanilla yogurt $2.99
1/2 lb mushrooms $2.00
10 lb Russet potatoes $2.50
3 pack Romaine Lettuce Hearts $2.50
6 pack pork chops $3.97
12 pack garlic bread $2.09
2 x Whole Wheat Bread @ $2.00 each
1 x Downy Fabric Softener $5.99

Coupons/Rebates/Reductions: $12.09

Total: $49.96

I also got this on another trip out:

1 dozen eggs - $2.64
6 Lemon Muffins (reduced) - $2.98
1 litre half and half - $2.97 we use half and half in coffee ( ... d-Half.htm )

just under 4 lbs ground beef (mince) - $15.25

Total spent today: $23.84
Total saved today: $1.01

Monthly Total Spent: $115.10
Monthly Savings: $75.59

Best deal was the Downy Fabric Softener, as I ended up getting it for free; due to SCOP.

Also got two loaves of bread and a jar of raspberry jam and paid $3.49 for all three (look for the coupon in store; I found one on the Smuckers Jam this week)

I am astonished at the price of lean ground beef (mince) $3.99 per pound.  It has doubled in price.  Asked the butcher if he had any beef or calves liver, and he is having trouble finding either.  Luckily I don't eat a lot of red meat.

I have mentioned before I am a member of Swagbucks.  Its a way of earning things for free.  In my case I cash my Swagbucks in for e-Cards.  This is available to a number of countries now, including Britain and Australia.  If you want to look into it more please click on this link  This is my referral link and I will earn some more Swagbucks if you do sign up.  I generally "earn" between $200 and $300 worth of Amazon e-Cards per year, for doing very little.  You can earn more if you do more surveys, play more games, or participate in other things.  If you have any questions or want more info just let me know.  Personally I am all for getting things for free.  I plan on saving mine up to be cashed in nearer Christmas.


EG CameraGirl said...

I LOVE it when someone saves so much money! You are an inspiration!

Winifred said...

Sounds like you're saving a lot Gill.

Have to say I don't do Amazon at all due to their terrible employment policies & working conditions in the UK. Not a good company. Might be different in Canada.

Sorry if I sound political but I try to support companies that treat their employees well. Hard to do these days & with companies like Apple avoiding paying their taxes.

Rose said...

I enjoy reading your shopping adventures...great for the free downy. I wish stores had to do it.

Holly Hollyson @ Full of Beans and Sausages said...

I have tried swagbucks, but I must be rubbish at it - I never seem to get any points :(

William Kendall said...

It sounds like you're saving a good deal!

angela said...

I love a bargain hunter. And I love getting me some bargains too xx

Linda said...

This is fantastic, Gill. Milk here in Montreal for 4 liters is $5.90. Thanks so much for sharing your list and prices! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Gill
I read your blog all the time. I would like to join Swagbucks. just don't know what I have to do , and will I be swamped with ads .