Thursday, April 18, 2013

One Major Job Done on Wednesday.......

One job that needed done around here was replacing the shingles on the garage roof.  I had got three quotes last year and they all came in at $2,500.  For one reason or another we never followed through with the job last year, but we were determined to do it this year when the weather was a bit better.  The sales guy from AM Roofing called in February to see if we still wanted it done and if we got it done by the end of March we    would save the taxes.  So we booked it for the end of March, but due to weather issues, they finally got it done on Wednesday.

The company covers a wide area of Southern Ontario.  Will say we are very happy with the guys that came to the house.  Very pleasant and did a good clean up outside the garage.

There were two layers of black shingles on the roof. 
We went with Owens Corning Duration Shingles in Brownwood.  It is wind resistant up to 110 MPH.
We were quite surprised at how good the plywood sheathing was and only one small piece needed to be replaced.
We have quite a bit of work to do though on the outside and inside of the garage to replace some rotten wood and the whole garage needs to be painted.
It took the four guys around three hours to replace the roof.

Still got this flipping cold hanging around.  Did get some twigs picked up , but it was a case of work for half an hour and then sit down for an hour.  Also it was supposed to be a nice day, but it was still flipping cold in that wind.  Got my laundry hung outside and dried so that is a bonus.

Sorry to hear about the death of Rita MacNeil:


Jane and Chris said...

I'm dreading getting the roof/windows done..I'll be a nervous wreck.
Feel better soon.
Jane x

Star said...

That's a big job jobbed. It does look extremely nice!

~Carla~ said...

They did a great job!! :)

The Witch said...

Looks like your workers did a good job and now that's one job done on your list.
Love the song you picked to remember Rita. She was a exceptional lady with the kindness that you certainly don't encounter around you every day. I will sadly miss her and all her talent.

Lena said...

Looks great!

Evelyn said...

thanks Gill for the link to Rita, one of my fav songs