Friday, April 5, 2013

It was an extra peg/clothespin day on Thursday...

If I hadn't have put in extra pegs, goodness knows who or what would have been wearing my laundry!!!

By the time I had got it all hung out, it was as stiff as a board as the laundry was frozen despite the sun shining, and I wasn't much better!!!  Mind you I had a couple of supervisors over the fence watching my every move!!

Now for you over achievers out there (and you know who you are!!), here is a fun little project.  Decoupaging your clothespins/pegs!!!
(image from here, no I haven't done it!!)

For full details and to download the templates click on this link.

This week's Home of the Week is a bit different as it is a work and live place.  Not that changes anything as it's way overpriced and ugly!!  $3.2 million no wonder it's not selling. However what do I know???

The Condo of the Week, can't say I'm loving that either?  For nearly $3 million I think there are a lot better properties out there, plus you won't have to pay nearly $2,000 a month in maintenance fees!!

Pretty miserable week with those two!!!  Another month or so and I am guessing the Cottages will be featured as well.


bonsaimum said...

I think I would have to be bedridden and bored out of my mind to paint clothes pegs. Still as they say Horses for courses.LOL. Your frozen laundry reminded me of an incident nearly 30yrs ago when someone stole our underwear of the line and spread it all over the public walkway. One problem, they got the wrong house!!

Kaisievic said...

I can't imagine the washing freezing, it just doesn't get that cold here in Melbourne.

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

The winds have been so high here, double pegging hasn't even saved me from loosing the sheets to the wet dirty ground below. I will wait for my first to be a sunny day with light westerly winds. I can't keep up with what I got, never mind those clothes pins being decorated !

Buttons said...

Love the clothes pins yes it was windy but at least it was sunny and beautiful. Have a nice weekend looks like spring has come yeah. B

Jane and Chris said...

My washing came in smelling lovely yesterday! As to the house and condo of the week...ew,ew,ew,ew,ew!
Jane x

Rose said...

Our wind is slacking off some...but I know the one day I had about 5 clothespins to hang a sheet, and if I hadn't it would have been long gone.

Will have to come back to see the home and condo, to get ready to go get Lorelei here in a few minutes.

Karen said...

Still windy as heck up here in the Ottawa Valley. My clothesline is still buried in the snow too. sigh.
when the ice slides off the back roof it tends to take the clothesline with it, so we have started disconnecting it the day of the first snow. We need a new one this year. I was into Canadian tire yesterday and completely forgot to pick up some new wire, darn it all.
The view from your place is fantastic!

Piece by Piece said...

My Mother hung clothes out no matter what time of the year. I remember she would bring in my Dad's work pants and stand them up in the corner...frozen stiff. Why she even bothered to put them out is beyond me....maybe she thought they would freeze dry.

Maa said...

I have some clothes pegs like that, only they have magnets attached to one side and they hole notes etc on the fridge. I did think that they would look pretty on the line but I'm not that silly! haha! Cool and a breeze here. The nights are starting to cool down so I guess it won't be long and I'll be lugging wood inside for the fire again. Sue