Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The loss of a great woman and home shows

Margaret Thatcher died on Monday at the age of 87.  For most of you on this side of the pond it's nothing; however for those of us whom either live or lived in Great Britain her passing will evoke some sort of feeling.  For some it will be a case of good riddance, for others it will be great sadness at hearing of her passing.

She was a politician who you either loved or hated, I don't think there was an in between with her?  Regardless she changed the way things were done in Great Britain whether for the good or the bad.  I am guessing an awful lot of British blogs will be talking about this, all voicing difference of opinions.

I normally don't dip my toes into the political or religious arena, but couldn't let this pass by without saying something.  She is likely to have a full ceremonial funeral like the Queen Mother had, and if you want to read more about her life and times, please click on this link.  From the news report her last few years of life were probably lonely.  She had a good inning's as they say and I am quite sure she is looking down on us smiling and saying I did a good job.

God Bless Margaret Thatcher; rest in peace.

I never win anything but I did win a pair of tickets for the Green Living Show this coming weekend.  Really looking forward to it.  We went to the Orangeville Home and Garden Show this past weekend.  That was actually not a bad show got lots of info.  It is also Alliston Home and Garden show this coming weekend.  We had hoped to pop into that as well if we have time.  I enjoy these local shows as they are familiar with your areas needs and nuances.  

Then on the weekend of the 20th of April is Creemore's Home and Garden Show want to go to that as well.  If you haven't guessed I love going to Home Shows!!!


Evelyn said...

she definetly left her footprint on England and was at the helm and steering during a difficult time.

Rose said...

Our news was all about her last night...I always liked her. Everyone I heard interviewed was saying that she always did what she thought best for her country...and she wasn't shy about expressing her opinion.

Jane and Chris said...

Thanks for this,Margaret Thatcher dragged Britain out of a hole. Love her or hate her, she did what Britain needed at the time. The reports of people dancing in the streets and celebrating her death show utter ignorance and complete disrespect for a human being.
Jane x

Maggie said...

We need another woman in power IMO, she wasn't a pushover and believed in Britain and put us first, It made me angry last night when i heard some of the nasty things some people were saying, I feel sorry for the family that might have heard some of those things.
Great lady and a sad loss.

Jeanne Ireland said...

I have no opinion of Margaret Thatcher as a politician but as a woman, I was impressed. She did what she did best and worked to get herself into a postion where she could make the most impact. R.I.P.

lizzie said...

She was certainly a force to be reckoned with. She was also very divisive, did nt like gays and called feminism "poisin"
She broke the unions but then they need breaking; the left was definitely over-reaching and voting for her was a reaction to that.
The celebrations of her death are a very British was of behaving - crude and abusive.

PegC said...

I lived in the UK for 16 years --arrived just before Lady Thatcher's election and admired her greatly.

gill said...

I felt quite sad at the news; I was 18 when she came to power and I became quite interested in politics at that time and how the country was being governed. I like her passion and belief in what she said and did, and we could do with more politicians today who have the same passion and courage to speak out against things they believe are wrong.RIP.

Leigh said...

Oh no! This is such sad news. I really admired her greatly.