Sunday, April 7, 2013

Grocery shopping and a bit of a whine!!!

I had a good day grocery shopping on Friday and picked up some good deals and stocked up on a few things.  I did also cash in $20 worth of PC points which bumped up my savings.  I got free cereal, orange juice and a  dish scrunge.  So a good start to the month.  Lets hope I can keep it up!!

Now for the whining.........should we have cheese with this?

Firs thing to happen on Friday.  I was in the bank on Friday morning at the ATM machine.  It is in a confined space just outside of the branch inside of the vestibule.  So if anyone is in there with you and having a conversation you cannot help but overhear.  So I am doing my banking, when a guy walks in followed shortly by a second guy, who knows the first guy.

Second guy starts talking and is pretty peed off at his work and he had to leave that day as he was so stressed out and his fellow employees are just winding him up, so his doctor says he has to go on stress leave.  This I gathered in all of a couple of minutes.  What bugged me that every second word out of this guys mouth was F***ing this and F***ing that.  So me with my big mouth turned around and said please watch your language.

He in return said you should mind your own F***ing business!  I turned back and got on with the rest of my banking and he proceeded to tell this other guy, who by the way was older than I was, that he is also F***ing sick of people sticking their noses into other people's business.  I had finished by this point and turned to him and said in this room you can't help but here what people are talking about, and there is no need for that bad language.

I walked out and I noticed he came out shortly afterwards, so he wasn't in there to do any banking as he didn't have time for that.  As dh said I should be careful as in this day and age he could have easily pulled a gun on me.  However good manners tell you, you don't stand there swearing like a trooper if a woman is in the room.  Or at least that's why I think; and why do people think that every other word has to be F***ing?  No manners what so ever.

Second thing to happen on Friday.  I called our newspaper as my "discount" was going to be up and I do this dance with them every three or four months where I "negotiate" another discount.  It's bloody annoying as it reminds me of Bell Canada and their bloody rates, but we do what we have to do to get the best deal.  I only get the newspaper on a Saturday and Sunday, but a few dollars saved here and there all add up.

I get a guy who has an accent.  Coupled with my accent, so begins the nightmare.  Suffice to say I gave up as he couldn't understand me.  I was getting frustrated and asked to speak to someone who could understand me, telling the guy because of MY accent he wasn't understanding what I was trying to say, I was being polite by saying that by the way.

The supervisor is of course busy, so I have to leave a message which they say will be returned (called back) within 2 to 3 business hours.  I am still waiting for that phone call, and the lady has a very strong Oriental accent {SIGH}  I have such trouble understanding Oriental accents, so I don't see that conversation ending well {{SIGH}}

Third thing to happen on Friday.  Not sure if I told you or not but Canada Post is changing our address.  We're not moving, but they are getting rid of the rural route designation, plus the rural postal code.  So we got word on Friday of our new address; which in our case not only changes our postal code, but also our town.  As due to a long winded reason we live in one town but our postal address is another town.

Now on the good side, they were threatening to have us pick up our mail at a community box goodness knows where; that seems to have been put by the wayside, so we are still getting mail delivery to the end of our drive.  Also the post office is paying for a years redirecting of our mail, so that they will deliver things to our old address.

Now on the negative side, I have to bloody well call, email or contact everyone and their auntie to get the new address to them, and it was in our  local paper, that some people's insurance has gone up with the change of postal code.

This is not limited to our area, so if you live in a rural location with an RR # be warned it may be coming to your area soon.

This action is supposed to make delivering and sorting your mail easier.  Also a lot of the older postmen/women are retiring and the newer ones are coming in and have no idea who lives where, because some people's address is:

Mr Smith
Anytown, Ontario
L0N 1A1

So unless you actually know which house Mr Smith actually lives at, RR#1 can encompass many rural roads, so finding it could be difficult.

So there you are my whines for a Sunday morning!!!


Jeanne Ireland said...

I would be whining, too. No one follows the rules of common decency in conversation anymore. People who use the "F" word all the time are those whose vocabulary is so small they have to fill in the blanks with something. Jerks. Enjoy Sunday.

Fran said...

You were very brave tackling that man, your husband was right. I think it is just down to a general lack of respect for anyone or anything x

Fat Dormouse said...

As mum remarked to me (as we sat on a train listening to 2 attractive young ladies using unattractive language, liberally laced with f***ing every other word) "What on earth do they say when they are REALLY angry?!"
Good question...

Anonymous said...

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Andi's English Attic said...

I hear this kind of talk occasionally and I've come to the conclusion that although it's a swear word, the people that litter their sentences with it don't think of it like that. It's how they've grown up and to them it's everyday language. So they're not actually using the word to swear - it's their normal vocabulary.

Miss Holly said...

Wow!!!!!! What a few days you've had!! Life's speed bumps I call is usually just a minor irritation....but when they all fall together it can be a bit much....
Rude people....ignorant and rude ....bad combination...but I think your intuition was this day and age that kind of person can be dangerous....nothing you say is going to make this fool stop with his mouth but.....he might have lost it....
I really hope your next few days are the complete opposite!!!!! All great!!!

bonsaimum said...

LOL. We all have those days, and it wasn't even Friday the 13th!! I fully agree with you about the bad language. It is a disgrace.Usually if someone starts speaking like that I refuse to talk to them. It is extreme bad manners as far as I am concerned. Unfortunately, most of the population doesn't seem to agree with me. Hope the rest of your week goes smoothly. :)

onesimplefarmgirl2 said...

They are planning our change of address as well which no one will ever be able to pin point. The problem is when they amalgamated the townships there are now two of the same street names and numbers in the combined township. They have created one mess.

Anonymous said...

I have always wondered how the mail carriers delivered mail in the UK when so many addresses are like: The Willows, East Downs, Sussex. It seems like they would have to memorize the name and location of every house!

Evelyn said...

good for you sticking up for yourself with the bad language, I hate to hear it myself. I also can't stand strong accents and often have to ask for a supervisor to explain things to me, I am hard of hearing and some talk so low and feel insulted if you ask them to speak up. After years of snowplows and vandals breaking our mailbox, we switched to a group box, best decision ever!

Jane and Chris said...

I think good manners are like a slide rule. Most people have never heard of them and would have no idea how to use them.
Jane x

Anonymous said...

What in Heavens Name was Anonymous trying to say?? I hope I'm not the only one so confused!! Bess

Lena said...

I can't stand when people are using foul language around me (or any time really). To me it just shows little intelligence - like they don't have enough words in their vocabulary to share thoughts without "substituting" them!!

Crafty Gardener said...

Canada Post just went through that with our address, we are RR city but live in a different city (due to that dreadful amalgamation by the government years ago) I think our changes got put on hold as there was a lot of flack over certain little towns in the now big city that didn't want to give up their identy. It was supposed to be all or nothing, so it seems it will be nothing right now till they sort it all out. I did not look forward to notifying everyone about the changes.

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Wasn't that a day you had yourself! Canada Post changed our address too. The problem with this, is we have 1 year to tell everyone who might send us mail of this change, if not after the year Canada Post returns the mail to the sender. Why is this our fault? we never moved !!! The customer service I received from Canada Post left much else to be desired.

Star said...

Yes well! I'd have done the same once upon a time, but not now. There is very little respect left for older people. I was always taught to respect those older than me and not to swear but times have changed and people's manners with it, sadly. That man in the bank was out of order, but he was distressed by his work situation. That's no excuse.
I have days like this too. I'm sure everyone does but it seems like it's only you, doesn't it!
I hope you have a better week next week.

Star said...

ps I see you are being pestered with Anonymous comments, the same as I am. If you find a way of getting rid of them, please let me know!!

Jane said...

As a highschool teacher you would NOT BELIEVE (well, maybe you would) the language I hear outside of my classroom. It's disgusting and I do speak up but it's so pervasive!
I'm sorry but I had to laugh regarding Canada Post - they are renowned for making simple things complex! What a pain in the arse!

saving for travel said...

I find that kind of language intimidating. You were brave to stick around let alone tackle that man.

As for the accent (I may be saying the wrong thing here) but they shouldn't be doing the job if they can't communicate. I have worked in telesales/customer services before so I can say this.

Sft x

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Unfortunately your dh is correct about not taking on people but I know exactly what you are talking about being tired of hearing the bad language in public like that. I just don't know why people think it is ok to be so "common". I am very uncomfortable around that sort of behavior. As far as trying to do business on the telephone with almost anybody, well, I don't enjoy it. I am trying to rectify a problem with an Ebay purchase right now through email and that isn't a whole lot better. The address thing, though, is a real pain. When my dd bought her house, it was in one town with a certain zipcode. They changed it to another town with another zipcode but the reality of it is, the house isn't in either town, it is in the county and they can't use any of the services (i.e. police, fire, library) from EITHER town! They will be incorporated eventually but it is a real nuisance. I am sorry you had such a bad Friday -- usually Fridays are so good!

50 and counting said...

I am real and not a spambot selling role type watches.

I can not begin to describe my hatred of Canada Post. I live in a subdivision that has superbox service. I've lost track of the number of parcels placed in the box that I can't get out of the box because once the box is locked the removal space is 1/2 inch to small to get said parcel out of. Or how about when the driver fills the super box and drives off and forgets to lock the box and leaves everyone's mail open to view?

Good luck with new address

The Witch said...

Some people have really started using the "F" word in their daily language that I wonder if they even realize it anymore. Good luck if they ever have to go for a job interview! I can't stand it either and yes I properly would have said something but now days you can never be so sure how stable people are.
Your lucky if you are still getting the mail delivered to your box at your house because that will soon be gone. Canada Post is really cutting back and I have to say I love getting mail delivered right to my door. Doesn't hurt that the mail-person is a sweet,funny and knows so much about gardening.I feel sorry for them having to worry about their jobs everyday, falling on ice or bitten by dogs that the owners say won't hurt a fly.

Decadent Housewife said...

Ha, Canada Post, don't get me started.
I don't know which is more challenged, Canada Post or the Canadian Healthcare System (Bow Down and Kiss the Earth.)

Paula said...

I can't believe you are still using RR numbers. We've had a 911 address for over a decade.

You'll have to watch you don't get two tax bills -one from the real town and one from the 'new' town.

Rose said...

I feel your pain...I think if that had been me standing at the ATM, I might have just stayed there all day and made them leave first. I am with you on that word being used any/everywhere. People like that crave attention...they just have to get it one way or another.

I so know what you mean about dealing with blood pressure starts going up the minute I start thinking about some of those phone calls. Have even had them get mad at me!

Will have to whine a little in return...when we get our phone bills there is always these added fees...well, found out the other day that those added fees go to pay for the free phones that are given away. And found out a lot of those are still being given out to people that have died...or people still get them as a second phone while paying for another cell phone.

Well, we have this separate coverage for long distance, now in addition to paying those fees on my regular phone bill, I pay them when I make a long distance call. With those fees costing more than the call itself.

I don't mind helping people that need it, but with some people that is just their way of life and I get tired of scrimping and saving just to give it to people that never worked a day in their life...and never will.