Sunday, March 29, 2009

Do you know what is lurking in your basement or attic?

Well I know I don't/didn't.

Opened up a box to discover a Sanyo stereo system??? At that time dh happened to call me, so I asked him if he knew where it had come from. We figured it must be one of the kids', and when I went downstairs and looked in another box, I discovered it's twin, so knew then it must be the kids' stereos. You see when they were growing up, especially when they were older, we always got them identical gifts. Stereos one year, portable tv's another there'll be a couple of stereos in our yard sale.

I then opened up this other box and it was full of ornaments and pictures, that we had packed up at the other house and had never opened another box of goodies for the yard sale.

Dh reminded me of the record player we had, so of course I groan and say but we need that, dh then said when was the last time I had used it.....probably 10 + years ago, so that is also going in the yard sale along with my records.

We have a pile of VHS video's, including a lot of Disney movies, so they too are going into the yard sale. Had a big box of computer games, programmes etc, dh went through that on Saturday and now we have a tiny box with just a few computer things in it. Most were from the late 90's, so out of date it was crazy. We have a pile of music Cd's which are mainly the kids, but they never listen to Cd's, so I guess they too will be going into the yard sale.

We have four tv's in this house, for the two of us. Only one is a new one the rest are oldies, so we are going to get rid of two of the older ones. So will have two tv's in the yard sale.

I brought over a box of Prima magazines from Britain and have a huge box of them now, plus another box of craft magazines. Now I know when dh discovers this, he will have a hissy fit, but I just can't bare to throw them out, sad or what?

My mother says if you haven't used it for a year, you don't need it. Have to say that is good advise, now I suppose I should follow it!!!


Anonymous said...

I keep looking at the clothes I wore for work and just know I'm NEVER going to need them again but keep them "just in case".

I need to have a real clean out, and weed out and be totally ruthless...but not yet.

Good luck with the sale.


softinthehead said...

Yes Gill but you know the minute you get rid of it, you will suddenly want it. Isn't that always the way? I wish you luck. I am actually quite ruthless when we move but always seem to have just as much surplus the next time around :)

Laurieluc said...

I agree--there are some things that can't be parted with and in 23 years of marriage, I have never lived in more than 1600 square feet, so I don't generally keep a lot and i have been sorry--especially when i threw out all my knitting and crochet patterns and tools! WOW--you just can't get that back! Nice to have a yard sale, you'll be able to revise any last minute doubts! Good luck!!!

scrappy quilter said...

I go by "if you haven't used it in 6 months, get rid of it". It's worked for me and if I ever get in a pinch and need something I've gotten rid of, someone else has it in a yard sale or I find something else to make do.

When we moved here, we found things stored away too that we had totally forgot about. That's what got me into decluttering bigtime.

Patty said...

Well you are certainly getting quite a bit collected for the garage/yard sale. Good luck, hope you make a bundle. You know what they say, one man's junk is another man's treasure.

I don't go to garage sales, unless I am looking for one particular item. I bought a baby stroller really cheap at one and kept it here for the Granddaughter, so her Mother didn't always have to drag hers along. When she out grew it, gave to daughter to give to someone in their church that needed one.

Happy hunting in the basement.

Um Naief said...

i keep things just in case as well... and have a ton of old magazines that i just cant seem to part with.. always thinking, but what if i want to look at it or need something... but chances are, i'll never open them up again.

someone will get a good deal w/ the stereo and records, as well as the old disney movies. have you thought about selling these things on ebay??

QuiltedSimple said...

My garage sale pile keeps growing, but somehow, I can't see where the house is getting any emptier!!! One of these days it will be....

Carletta said...

I don't envy you this task you have. I did it a year and a half ago. It was hard parting with so many things and sometimes it still hugs at my heart what I gave up.
When we opened the upstairs attic and pulled everything out there were so many toys from when my kids were little. So hard to part. I did part with my Country Living magazines I'd keep over 30 years. :)

Winifred said...

I agree don't throw out the Primas. I went through mine and took out the patterns and put them in plastic folders to save space. However I still have my full collection of Golden Hands from about forty years ago. The craft stuff never dates and it's surprising how often you need to use them.

I did get my knitting patterns down to a manageable number but I'm now using baby patterns that are forty years old. They cost a fortune now if you can find what you want.

Anonymous said...

As an idea about magazines that have only one or two items you are interested in you could scan them in the computer and save on a file folder. But I also agree, that it is not the same thing and flipping through the magazine. Sometimes the sales articles are funny to look at how things change.