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Saturday, March 7, 2009

What Oopsey was up to on Thursday........

First let me say, when I told dd what I was up to, she rolled her eyes and said, people will think I have been let out of the mental institution for the day!! I wish, as at least if I was in there I would have a rest......

Anyhow, me and dd decided to go for a look around Bloor West Village in Toronto. Never been before, so thought it would make a nice change.

So we leave dd apartment and call into Tim Hortons on the way to the Subway. Oopsey was very interested in all this as there is no Tim Hortons in Australia. She thought it was a good idea that we got a tea each and a muffin, I told her I would share with her.

She wanted me to take a photo of her in the Subway station, but even though the flash went off on the camera, this was the best photo I could get, and dd sort of put her foot down at me taking a photo of me and Oopsey in the train. I don't know what her problem was, as there are so many weird and wonderful people on there, so one more weirdo taking photos with a Care Bear wouldn't have made much difference!!

So we get to Bloor West Village and it's like a small town main street, with lots of lovely shops, including a butcher, baker and candlestick maker.....okay not a candlestick maker, but a greengrocer. Dd wanted to call into a store called Trove, as she wanted to pick up an apron for her friend for her birthday.

Oopsey wanted to pose for a photo with the apron, cute saying on it, don't you think?

All along the street were benches and on the legs were the Bloor West Village logo, so of course Oopsey wanted her photo taken with it (made dd hold Oopsey, so that cheered her up no end!!)

By then it was lunch time, so dd and I decide Subway would be good, told Oopsey I would share with her, and that seemed fine.

We then had another look around and then headed home on the subway. Walking out off the subway Oopsey saw this big office tower and was fascinated with it, so I took a couple of photos of her in front of it.

Poor Oopsey, was pooped by the time she got home and had to have a nap.

So all in all it was a good day out and Oopsey seemed to enjoy herself.

Now I have to say I am pretty busy with this moving thing, so I think Oopsey would benefit from having a longer stay at someone elses house. So if you would like to have Oopsey visit your house, please let me know in your comment, and I'll do a draw to see where her next visit will be. For more info about how all this started visit Caroline's blog

15 super stars left a comment:

Well maybe Oopsey would like to cross the pond and visit the land of Robin Hood. It's a real pretty place and as a new comer to the place,( I have only been here nine years) I am still exploring the place. Have visited Sherwood Forest, beautiful, several picnics planned this summer. There are castle to visit as well as the Nottingham Caves and best of all a week at the Hay on Wye Book Festival in Wales in May. All in all a great time. Oopsey would have a warm welcome from Paddington, Rupert, Harrods bear, New York Kitten and all their other furry friends, Margaret

Well if oopsey would like to come down Under to the land of Oz consider a warm welcome awaits .
great blog you have by the way...
Will be back to read more soon:)

My son would call this an attack of whimsy. Go for it. Tell your dd not to worry.

Oopsey certainly has seen a lot. Hugs

maybe oopsie would like to visit Florida and some of the places in between when I travel
cute post btw

I'm glad you didn't take Oopsey to Marche Movenpick. I'd have been insanely jealous. You know, poor Oopsey is deprived without a TH in the neighborhood.

Oh, well, this is just TOO FUN!

Would Oopsey like to see North Carolina? She could visit the hospital where I work and see the Blue Ridge Parkway and who knows what else? NC would welcome Ooopsey!

Dear Oopsey,

So did you like Timmies? MMMmmm. Maybe when you get back to Australia you could think about opening up a Timmies there!

My offer is still open for you to visit down here in the most southern part of all Canada. I'll feed you homemade raisin cinnamon sticky buns and pizza and lovely garlicky soups and we will go out for English tea and buttery croissants with Devon cream, in a little town Jack Miner made famous.

And those boys I mentioned? Violinist will serenade you in the evenings, Fun will stitch you a warm little hat and take you for a spin on his dirt-bike, Speedy will speed us safely around - for once, and Buff will show you how to keep from going flabby after all of the above.

I see you are tired - sweet dreams.

Decadent Housewife :)

Too fun Gill! I loved the sandwich photo... funny!

As I said before, we would love to host Oopsey at our home and we promise to take good care of her.

Have a great weekend!

Hi Gill
First I must thankyou for taking such good care of Oopsey you are a wonderful chaperone. Grumpy is of course very grumpy about getting left behind. Sounds like Oopsey will soon be off on another adventure. I wonder where????

Hello! Sounds like Oopsey is having a wonderful time. She is welcome to come visit my home in Oxfordshire England and I could show her the Cotswolds. But if not now, maybe for her future adventures as I plan to keep on top of her travelling.
This is a great way to discover new blogs, and yours is lovely!

Does Oopsie want to visit the Middle East??? Does Oopsie have an abeya??? You do the draw, Gill. If she shows up here, I'll take photos.

P.S. LUV LUV LUV the new house! It is simply beautiful - even in a dark rainy photo. More pictures, please!

These pics are great! I am totally confused though on this. I thought Oopsey went back to Caroline after each visit along with a few treasures from where she had visited and then Caroline drew a name from the people who had signed up on the orginal post on her blog. If I have to keep chasing Oopsey all over the blogworld and be watching to sign up on a post for the drawing, I'll never catch her in time. LOL

is that the nestle building at Yonge & Sheppard? If so we're kinda neighbors! I'm an ex-pat of 7 years....


dd lives in the area, I am in the 'burbs, and will be shortly moving out to the countryside!!


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