Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This post is as much for my benefit, as yours, jobs to do inside of the new house.......

I have decided to write a list of what needs done room by room in the new house. I will warn you this will be a long post....LOL

The first thing we need to do get an Energy Audit on the house so that we can claim the Provincial Government rebates.

I'll start at the top and work down.


All the plaster and lathe to be removed, all to insulate, skylight to put in on west side of roof. Roof vents to put all over roof. New window in the dormer window. Drywall throughout. Electrics to do right throughout the attic, electric base board heater to install. Stairs to move, if possible, if not possible, new stairs to purchase and install. Floorboards to lift, and save to reuse in other parts of house. Plywood floor to put down, carpet, storage cupboards to make and install, and decorate.

Master bedroom:

That was two bedrooms that they knocked into one. Put a dividing wall back and have one large bedroom and one smaller bedroom. Install closets, so electric work to be done, new sockets etc, and decorate.

Second bedroom:

This room is fine other than the closet which just needs to be sorted out, and probably decorate.


Door to attic, space to be converted to a linen closet. Shower to be pulled out and a new walk-in shower installed. Extraction fan to be installed above shower. New vanity unit and sink. Decorate.

Stairs and landing:

Door on landing to be taken out and a smaller window put in there. Stonework outside to block up hole left. This may not sound like a big job, but it is a major job. Decorate stairs and landing.

Living Room:

There are two partially finished closets in here, as they are classing it as a third bedroom, so they are to take out. There is a pocket door to the bathroom behind the living room. That is to take out and drywall the hole. Decorate.

Kitchen/Dining Room:

New kitchen cabinets, worktops, appliances and decorate...which translates to MAJOR MONEY!!!

Mud room:

This is an add on to the house, and has no heating in it, and they have removed the door from the mud room to the kitchen.

Put baseboard heater in the room. Put doors on the closets, decorate. Put door back on between the kitchen and the mud room.

Main Floor Bathroom:

Remove the shower, put in claw foot tub. Decorate and re-jig the whole room.

Family Room:

All the wood paneling is to remove, not a wood panelling type of person. Dh is going to build a stud wall in front of the original wall and add more insulation. Drywall the whole room and decorate. New patio door to install. Wood burning stove insert to install into the existing fireplace. Move the stair case to give a better flow in the room. Electrics to sort out. New hardwood floor to lay.

Basement under family room:

Re-jig the two piece washroom down there. Make a "laundry room closet" to hold the washer and dryer. Drywall and insulate the whole room. New drop ceiling, electrics and put new flooring down, not sure what yet. Build new storage closets.

Basement in main house:

New windows to install.

Now this is the basic list, I am sure I have left out some work and when we move in, we will no doubt "discover" a lot more things to do. All I do know for certain, we will be on with this for many years to come, as money will factor a lot into this.

I will post a list of what is to do on the outside of the house on Thursday....

A couple of updates:

Our mailing address and our physical address are different, finally got that figured out. Its all to do with the actual township we live in, doesn't have a post office, so we are being pawned off to the nearest town with a post office.

Also don't faint, but I have actually packed a box...YEAH!!!


Cathy said...

Hello Gil
Now my dear, are you absolutely sure you want to move to that house - 'cose once you're there you won't have the time (or the money) to go anywhere or do anything 'cept repairs and alterations to said house. Mind you when you've finished it will be a fabulous home to live in. Note the distinction I've made house/home lol
Take care

Denise said...

Congratulations on getting started. I know it's a lot of work for you but I still think it is very exciting and I look forward to updates as the move progresses.

Decadent Housewife said...

You are going to be one very busy woman!!

Margaret's Ramblings said...

Gill is going to be a busy, busy, busy girl I think.

But it will all be exciting, I know you have so much fun.

And you won't be bored.


Anonymous said...

Crikey, you're going to be busy!


softinthehead said...

Gill that's quite a list :) I can really relate because I have a similar list going around in my head for the French house and know how exciting/daunting it can be - good luck!

Niki RuralWritings said...

That's quite a to do list! I can't wait to see pictures in progress.

QuiltedSimple said...

You'll be busy - that is some list! But it will be so nice when you have finished and your house is you, right?

Rudee said...

Taken as a whole, I'd be crying in my oatmeal. But, taken one room at a time, it seems reasonable. Good luck with this adventure.

Gaynor said...

Thought your addy would be like that...just like mine lol.
Just prioritise into what needs to be done and what you want to get done that can wait.

We have had to prioritise it into electrics, plumbing, insulation.
Then good weather...work on the land...bad weather, gradually decorate and do the cosmetics.
With 5 acres, thats a lot of weeds if you dont keep on top of it..but like I said..you will be oh so fit ;-)

Lib said...

Hi Gill,
You sure have your work cut out for you!But it will be so worth it,and in the end it will reflect you!:o)
Good Luck!

Gill - That British Woman said...

Thanks for all your comments, and words of encouragement. I think Rudee said how I feel, "Taken as a whole, I'd be crying in my oatmeal. But, taken one room at a time, it seems reasonable."

Basically that's how we are looking at it, priorities first like Gaynor said and did, then the cosmetic work afterward.


Laurieluc said...

Wow Gill that's quite a list--but lists are very good things! If it's me, i want to do my favorite room first so i have a place to go and "breathe" while the rest of the house is in disarray. As for that paneling--could you paint it? I'm not a paneling person either, but painted, it can look nice.

Good Luck!


scrappy quilter said...

Whew, that was a long list. Take your time doing things, otherwise you'll be so overwhelmed. Taking plaster and lathe off isn't something that you can do quickly. It's hard work...ask me how I know.

At least you've gotten started. That's great.

Gaynor said...

Gill, we have now been in our HOME for a year. We ran out of money but not until the important stuff was done, a lot of our land still needs sorting but OMG it was worth it.
You can buy a brand new house and have endless problems with it...I have and did.
I got up this morning, the sun streaming in, the birds singing and the unpainted and unplastered walls just didnt matter. We live in a bit of paradise. It will all get done, but why waste such a beautiful day as we had today...wont ever get it back, but the painting will always be there lol.

If this house spoke to you and said 'buy me please' then you have made the right decision. You just have to give yourself a reality check and not get stressed because it isnt all done in a week...it is a slower pace of life in the country..admire the view and follow the flow ;-)