Monday, March 30, 2009

Odds and ends, bits and bobs..

Got a bit more done down the basement which was good. We are slowly making progress there.

Have a ton of shredding to do, so that will keep me busy over the next few days.

Bought a couple of things for the new house. We are leaving all the appliances, and the microwave is built in above the stove, so we bought another microwave. A Samsung SMH8187WG Over The Range Microwave which we picked up for $299.99 plus taxes, which was a great deal.

We have a central vacuum system in this house, and we had the same in the last house. However the new house doesn't have a central vacuum system, and as all the floors are either hardwood or slate, I honestly don't see the need for a central vacuum system. We do have the odd area rug, so I do need some sort of vacuum. After much discussion we ended up buying this Kenmore canister vacuum We got it on sale and we got an extra $10 off (Sunday promotion), which paid for most of pack of bags for the vacuum.

A bit of sad news, someone ran over one of the Canada Geese. How they managed to do that I do not know, as they are pretty was very sad to see it dead on the side of the road. When we went past on Sunday someone had removed the body thank goodness.

As most of you know I am allergic to exercise, but would you believe me and dh went for a walk on Sunday night, for over an hour. We were both pooped, but the fresh air did us the power of good.

We participated in the switch the lights off for Earth Day on Saturday night. One thing though, I had gone and packed all the candles, so we were in the dark. However dh continued to watch his hockey game, so we sort of cheated!!

Do have to go to the dump this week with a pile more stuff that I don't think go into the regular garbage. Though maybe I should leave it a week or two just to make sure we don't have anything else to go.

So there you go a bit of this, and a bit of that!!!


Margaret's Ramblings said...

You both certainly sound very organised. It sounds all very exciting. A new start. Is the new place really new to you? Do you have any contacts there?


scrappy quilter said...

You are getting closer and closer to that big day. You must be getting excited and exhausted.

Expat mum said...

Someone once tried to convince me to have a central vacuum system and I couldn't even understand what it was really, never mind what the point was.

Jo, a retired teacher said...

The excitement of a new home is the only thing that makes the trials of moving tolerable. I wish you the best.

Caroline said...

I have done a post on Oopsey now she is at Janeen's with a back link to you. Sounds like your getting along with the packing now. Can't wait till your blogging from your new house!!

The Good Life in Virginia said...

you are moving along with things it sounds like. a good thing.
sorry to hear that one of the canadian geese is dead...very sad.

have a great week.