Thursday, March 5, 2009

Look who came to visit........

That is Oopsey who came to visit me from Caroline's in Australia, it's funny how she made herself at home sitting on my chair!!!

Now I have to say Oopsey was NOT impressed with how cold it was and to see the snow, after leaving such hot temperatures in Australia.

She was also not overly happy about us moving, until I told her not to worry about it, it wasn't going to happen while she was visiting!!!

So to make her feel better I told her I would take her with me on a trip to Downtown Toronto, that cheered her up no end!!!

So look for more of Oopsey's adventures on either Saturday or Sunday. Also I will let you know how you can have Oopsey come to visit and show her your part of the world then.

In between hands check out this post on Caroline's site to tell you more of how this all came about.


Janeen said...

Oh Gill this is darling! Caroline is prett clever! And I can't wait to see your adventure pictures!

I would love to host Oopsey and if I am chosen, I promise to be a good hostess and that she will come to a pet/smoke free home, that my children will laugh and play with her during it's vacation to sunny (rainy) California!

Marie Reed said...

WHat a darling idea! I used to have the carebear bunny named swift heart! Care bear stare! I can't believe that I still remember that:)

Lib said...

Oopsey is so cute!Hope she enjoys her visit with you!
Have a great day!

scrappy quilter said...

What a cutie. I know she is going to enjoy her visit with you. What a great idea.

Jo, a retired teacher said...

Very fun. I'm sure Oopsey will have a lovely visit.

Sandi McBride said...

I hope Oopsey enjoys her tour of Toronto, Gill...and where is she off to next?

Decadent Housewife said...


Welcome to Canada!
Wouldn't you like to come visit Decadent Housewife? I have nice boys here and they actually behave in front of company.

And they have an Aussie uncle, (from your neck of the woods, too) so they will not say "Huh?" too much. Don't be afraid. I'll feed them before you come.

And when That British Woman is finished showing you around TO, I could show you around the southern part of Canada! I'll clean out a top drawer and make it all cozy for you to sleep in.


Decadent Housewife :)

Winifred said...

Haven't seen a Care Bear for over 20 years. Thought they were extinct!

Love the colour.

daisymum7 said...

I can't wait so hear you explain to your fellow Toronto -ites(?) why you are taking tourist photos of Care Bear from Oz!


flmom said...

Fun pictures! I look forward to reading about more of Oopsy's adventures with you.

Caroline said...

The kids got the biggest thrill of seeing Oopsey in the snow.
Thanks Gill