Sunday, March 22, 2009

Look what I got for $21.10............

It was bonus redemption day (finally) at Shopper's Drug Mart, so I decided to cash 75,000 points for $200 worth of free product. You have to buy $200 before taxes, and I bought $200.67, and the taxes were $20.43. So all in all it cost me $21.10.

I got:

4 x loaves of bread
2 x Lays Chips - though looking at my bill I think she only charged me for the one?
2 pack rubber gloves
4 x Quaker Granola Bars
3 x Dare Cookies
2 x Women's Multi Vitamins enough for 180 days
1 x LB Advil
1 x Advil Sinus (dh is sick)
2 x 8 pack Mach 3 razor blades, can you believe they are $24.99 a pack!!!
3 x Arm & Hammer Toothpaste
3 x 2 litre Ice cream
2 x Cheese
2 x Organic Canned Corn on clearance at 39 cents a can - super cheap
1 x LB rechargeable toothbrush
1 x 3 pack replacement heads for above toothbrush
1 x Hair Dye
3 x Kleenex Tissue
3 x Kleenex Dinner Napkins
1 x Garbage Bags
1 x 4 litre milk
2 x 12 pack Diet Coke
2 x Nativa Granola

I also used $8.78 in coupons. This bonus redemption is also on today (Sunday) I tell you it pays to shop at Shopper's Drug Mart, and I still have 84,385 points left, and I also have a lot more points to come in April from being a Plus member.

(In the back left of the photo, you can see what looks like dead plants, those are my geraniums I brought up from the cold cellar, they are slowly coming back to life!!)


LizBeth said...

Hey! Now you have MORE stuff to pack. . . . . . . .I never want to see another box again. We've done the moving game too many times! Liz


Blinkey blimey - that's amazing. After you've put it all away in your cupboards, come and pick up a special award that I've got waiting for you over at my blog. Well deserved and I'm happy for you to share it with others too :-D

Anonymous said...



landcuckoo said...

Good shop Gill! I love getting all stocked up with cupboards replenished, even better if it is wisely done like that!

Take care
Sarah x

Laurieluc said...

that's a good day alright! nicely done! My aunt says she pulls her geraniums and stores them for the winter too. They really come back? I'll have to try that...

Have a great day!


Margaret's Ramblings said...

We have nothing like this in the UK. I get excited if Asda include just one coupon in their monthly magazine, LOL.


The Good Life in Virginia said...

that was a great haul of groceries. so how do the points accumulate; every time you shop?
you've probably mentioned it in prior posts but, my memory is not working the best today.

we get points at our local market that we can apply toward gasoline purchases and get up to $1.00 OFF depending on how much you have accumulated.

have a good sunday.

Canadian Saver said...

Thanks for the photo!!

You got some great stuff :-) I especially agree with redeeming the points for the ice cream ;-)

Anonymous said...

What great loot!

I sure do miss Shoppers!

Bobby said...

woh! Amazing!
No such offers exist in Muscat!

"get well soon" to ur Dh

and what is the last one some Nivita Gran...

Anonymous said...

That is amazing, and yea they have nothing like that here at all, hardly any coupons then you got to fight to get them. What a buzz you must of got at the checkout

scrappy quilter said...

That is totally amazing. Now that we have a new Shopper's Drug Mart with food items, we are doing lots of shopping there too.