Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Odds and ends, bits and bobs

Just a general post mainly about Monday but includes other things.

Not sure if you know but I delay all my posts to come out at around 1am in the morning. That way I am consistent and everyone gets used to it. I also try and plan posts ahead of time if I can. I am working on recipe posts for the end of April, and have got three posts done for the week we move.

One thing I did do on Monday was pull out all my birthday cards for the month of April, and the one I have left in March. I also got out all my Easter cards, to make sure I have enough. I don't send many out, but when I do I want to make sure I include change of address cards as well, may as well kill two birds with one stone. I am looking for change of address cards that I can print for free on the Internet; so if anyone knows of a good site let me know?

We have finally got the house and car insurance sorted out, boy was that a job and a half. Anyhow the gist of it all is that we ended up getting the car insurance around $30 cheaper and ended up paying around $600 more in the house insurance. Believe it or not we have saved around $200 to $300 on the house insurance alone by going with this company.

The main reason the high price hike is that we do not have a fire hydrant close to the house, and the nearest fire hall which is 2km away, is only manned with volunteer fire fighters. So that makes the insurance companies nervous!!!

Dh got the U-Haul truck booked so that's another job done.

I got some more things packed, I just hope I remember where I have put everything. All the boxes are well marked, but even so, I am sure to lose something.

I did a bit of cooking today, and made a couple batches of fish cakes, with some salmon fillets I had in the freezer. I also had some gingerbread and raspberries in the freezer, which I used to make a trifle. So a couple of more things out of the freezer.

I got another BzzAgent package today for Danone DanActive Probiotic Yogurt Drink, so am looking forward to trying that. I am also Bzzing Nordica Single Serve Cottage Cheese, big fan of cottage cheese on a daily basis, and finding the single serve ones, very convenient.

It was nippy cold Monday morning, but still hung the laundry out and managed to get it all dry by early afternoon, as the sun shone all day.


Anonymous said...

You're so well organised, I'm really impressed...and a little bit envious.


Anonymous said...

OOh fish cakes are lovely! And here I thought you were a morning person and simply got up at 5am to blog? ;0)

Any chance you'll be in England in June for our UK meet up?

Clippy Mat said...

hey gill: thanks for the visit. i'm keeping up with your blog and really enjoying reading about the moving house process. i love how methodical and organized you are. i always wondered how you managed to post in the early hours of the a.m. but figured you just never sleep LOL
great stuff. :-)

Niki RuralWritings said...

The fish cake recipe looks great!

mommanator said...

you are too organized. a good reason not to be so organized is the move I would think! teehee.
actually I am jealous
pre doing blogs! I am lucky to get them done every few days.

The Good Life in Virginia said...

a good morning...you remind me of me with all the pre-organizing and such. it never hurts to be ahead of the game.

thanks for sharing with us why the insurance is so much...i kept thinking why is it increasing and now you've answered that nagging question...lol.

yum...fish cakes :)

have a good day

Kim said...

I got change of address cards free from the post office. For magazine subscriptions, I changed them online at the magazine's website.

thx for the fish cake recipe - I have salmon in the freezer to use up.

Patty said...

You mean you want to make change of address cards to put in the birthday and Easter cards? Just use a recipe file card, or just type out on paper and cut into more then one to inset into cards. Our post office has free address change cards. You can also use a sheet of address labels, print it with your new address and send along telling everyone this is our new address:

Evelyn said...

We live 5 km from a volunteer fire department and the insurance company didn't care if it was volunteer or not, didn't even ask. Don't know why that makes a difference, in the country most departments are volunteer.

Stephanie D. said...

THe last time we moved (and I sincerely hope is WAS the last time), I taped colored paper to the boxes after packing them. They were color-coded for which room they should go in when the movers unloaded them. (We moved across country). Then I taped the corresponding color above entrances or on the doors to rooms in the new house. It helped me keep like things together and cut down on the mindless wandering from room to room looking for something or trying to decide where something went. That usually works for all but the last few boxes, when you're just trying to get it all in!

scrappy quilter said...

You definitely are organized. Great job on getting so many things done.

kayleen said...

I hope it won't be too presumptuous to offer a couple of packing hints. (I've moved oodles of times). Number every box (all 4 sides) In a notebook record everything that goes into the box, then you can find it if you need it. Wrap paintings and pictures in towels and blankets. They are soft, non-abrasive (won't scratch the frame or glass)and using them this way will save a box or two. Most newspapers will sell "end rolls". It's the same paper that professional packers use. You have to cut it yourself, but it's cheap and not nearly as messy as newspapers. Be sure and take your bedding and towels (and of course the notebook) with you so that you can make the bed first thing. It's always nice to know you will have a place to crash when the day is done! Again, hope I haven't been too presumptuous.

Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks for all your great advise and all your lovely comments.