Thursday, March 19, 2009

Calling all British Expats, and all those Marks and Spencer fans.....

I had this comment left today, and decided to publish it in a separate post as I thought it would interest you:

Hello Gill

I recently came across your blog and have enjoyed your updates. I had no idea there were so many things you could do with pineapple! :-)

However, my specific reason for contacting you is on behalf of Marks & Spencer, as I thought you might be interested in a survey we are running exclusively for British expats. The M&S ‘
Home and Abroad’ survey is looking to identify those things that British expats miss most when they’re away from home.

The survey only takes 5 minutes and in return for completing it, respondents have the opportunity to win a £250 gift card which can be used through the new M&S International Delivery service.

Is this something you would be interested in posting about on your blog?

Your feedback as an expat would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and regards

Kev Fitzsimons(on behalf of Marks & Spencer)

One thing Kevin forgot to mention that there is FREE International Shipping until March 29th, when you spend over 80 Pounds.........I need this like a hole in the head at the moment, but I should check it out...LOL

I have been a fan of Marks and Spencer's since I was a young child. I got a lovely blouse in there last year. Love those prawn cocktail wafer/crisp thingy's that they sell, they are to die for. You pop them on your tongue and they melt. Bought some great kitchen utensils there last year and my favourite purchase was this:

Isn't it just the cutest suitcase??? I ended up buying it as I bought four Easter Eggs for the kids, Cadbury's of course and they cost me four pounds. Had no where to put them, so ended up paying 29 pounds for this suitcase..............dh was NOT's his own fault, as he should have made sure we took two suitcases each, but he didn't. I wish I had got the whole set but I only got the one.

We used to have M & S in Canada but they closed the stores a few years ago. I used to buy all our underwear from them, and the kids had a lot of clothes from M & S, as did me and dh. Their quality was so much better than the regular stores.

Anyhow I have entered the survey, as I would be like a kid in a candy store if I won the 250 Pound gift card. It would also be neat if someone I knew through the blogging world won it, if I don't!!

What's your favourite thing from M & S?


Denise said...

It's been 20 years or more since I went into a Marks and Sparks. They always had lots of lovely clothes and underwear, I do remember buying shirts and skirts and such, and my mum bought freezer items. Always such good quality back then. I think you've opened up a door to the old brain box. I will be thinking of this all night.

Winifred said...

Christmas Puddings! I got a couple in the January sale & put them in the feezer.

The quality of their clothes is still really good even though it's all now made abroad unfortunately. They have great online sales too. Three for the price of two on luggage at the moment Gill!

Arija said...

I would have bought that suitcase with or without having to house easter eggs!

Laurieluc said...

That's a great post, Gill. Made me smile. I have always lived in the States. We have Kohls here, which sounds a little like it. Hope you win the gift certificate!


Daffodilly said...

Oh my goodness I got one from him too. I ws hoping for a free bag of Wine Gums...

Love your blog by the way!

Lakeland Jo said...

where do I start?I love M and S. I love their Per Una range- I can now get into some of their clothes ( because of weight loss) but still working on getting into their trousers, and some of their smaller clothes.

Caroline said...

Hi Gill - I'm a big M&S fan, too, and luckily we have a HUGE store close to us, so I can get my 'fix' regularly. My favourite thing has to be their shoes - for some reason, their shoes just fit me perfectly and are always SO comfortable. x

Anonymous said...

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- Norman