Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jobs to do on the outside of the house and garden...........

So on Tuesday I made a list of what there is to do inside of the house. Today I'll list the jobs to do outside.

The downspouts are all to re-attach, lengthen and generally sort out, and while we're doing that we'll check out the guttering.

There are wooden molding/gingerbreading on the under side of the roof, that is to remove, strip and re-paint and re-hang.

The garage is to rewire, insulate and I'm not sure what else.

The shed is ready to fall down, so that's a project.

The deck is to jack up and new stronger posts to put in. Plus we want to extend the deck.

The ground outside the basement patio doors needs re-grading.

Pointing to be done on one outside wall.

The gardens are to be re-done.........that is going to take years!!!

Driveway will need to be either re-gravelled or asphalt put on it.

New mail box to be made, the one there is dropping to bits.

Fencing to be put up on the front of the property, as part of it has fallen down.

I am quite sure there is a lot of other jobs to be done, but those are the main ones.

Even with all this work we are still looking forward to moving into the house.

I have got some boxes packed, and will be popping down to my local grocery store for 8am on Friday to pick up a pile more boxes. I talked with the manager the other day and he said he would ask the guys to keep some for me. They were going to keep some toilet roll and kitchen towel boxes aside for me, and the produce guy said he would keep some more apple boxes to one side for me, so at least I am all set for boxes.

I still have to venture down to the basement and sort that out......hopefully on the weekend.

Daily Savings Club - as per my calculations you should have $14.25 in your pot today, hope you are keeping up with it?


Rinkly Rimes said...

Maybe you'd better delay the move a few weeks......months.......years!!!!

Anonymous said...

and you'll have the rest of your life to sort it all out.

Enjoy being in your new home.


Bobby said...

now that I've been away from blogosphere from sometime ago...I don't know that your moving...and the jobs look really tough!!
and be careful!

scrappy quilter said...

You are going to be one busy girl. Please do it in baby steps otherwise you aren't going to enjoy your new home.

QuiltedSimple said...

At least those jobs sound like fun ones!!!

Gill - That British Woman said...

All these projects don't have to be done at once, so don't worry about me...LOL


Denise said...

No, you don't need to rush into them and I know you are savvy enough to prioritize. It's nice to make lists as at least you know what has to be done down on paper. Then you can take it one day at a time. As I said before, 'Exciting!'

MDB said...

If the store guys end up forgetting to save boxes for you (has happened to me on many occassions), you can find cheap moving boxes online as well.

Best of luck with your move!