Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I must start writing things down........

I had a couple of things that I wanted to share with you, but do you think I can remember what they were?  I don't know.  I could understand it if I worked full time, had a few kids running around the place and a hundred and one other things to do, but I don't?  I am one of these people who are more productive when under the gun.  I need to start writing lists again, so things happen.

I do know I want to get a couple of things done today, so I guess if I write a list here maybe things will get done, who knows?

  • Drop of a bottle of wine at the make your own wine place for them to taste it.  Dh says it's awful tastes like gnat pee......meanwhile me who doesn't drink had a taste and enjoyed it.  At this point dh said there HAD to be something wrong with it!
  • Call in at the bank and pick up some US dollars before the Canadian Dollar drops even lower.  Both dh and I keep saying we have a recession knocking on our door in Canada.
  • Pick up prescription pills in WalMart pharmacy, that have been ready for a few days; another case of forgetting to pick up.
  • Steam clean the ceramic and hardwood floors.  DONE
  • Water tubs outside.  We pay for our water through our monthly maintenance fees, but I have started using the dish water from washing dishes to an attempt to save water.  It has been hot and dry, so I am thinking the reservoirs must be getting low? DONE
  • Finish knitting another gnome for a gift.
  • Make supper, a ham and pasta dish; no recipe just making it up.
  • Watch Coronation Street; VERY IMPORTANT "JOB."
I know there are a lot more things I have to do, but as long as I get those done I will be happy.  It's going to be up to 39 oC  (102 oF) with the humidity today so this afternoon all the blinds will be closed and I will be hibernating.

Oh and finally I MUST find time to visit everyone's blogs, as I am so behind in doing that.

If it's hot where you are try and stay cool.  If it's cold where you are try and stay warm.  Have a good one.


Jacquelineand.... said...

Stay as cool as you can! I've a friend who lives in St. Saulte Marie (on the Canadian side) and it's been so hot and dry there, the well has run dry! It's a struggle for she and her family, as I'm sure you can imagine.

T'Pol said...

It looks like we are both dealing with the same high temperatures these days. I know, ours will not last long. A couple of weeks at most. Stay cool!

Rose said...

I really wish making lists helped me...I seem to take them as something to ignor.

Been hot here, too...

EG CameraGirl said...

I like lists too, Gill. I LOVE crossing items off once something is done. Stay cool today.

Northern Living Allowance said...

I love lists - but I have to remember to make them! :P I need to snap up some Canadian dollars while the Pound Sterling is so strong (or, conversely, the dollar is so, so low!) - I can get over $2 for £1 at the moment. Would be silly to miss out, really. Hope your list making goes well and stay cool! xx

Marilyn K said...

I think I have a harder time remembering things since I retired. I am in the mindset that I don't have to do anything so I forget the few things that I do have to do.

mamasmercantile said...

I really hope you are not going into a recession, it hit a lot of families really hard over here (UK) where people lost their homes and a lot of small companies went bust. I am a great fan of a list, it is more likely to get done on a list. Hope you manage to stay cool.

Jackie said...

We are cool and very windy today, I am quite enjoying the change from the hot, humid weather. Just so very happy that the tornadoes and torrential rains yesterday did not hit us. They did hit Regina (the rains) though so I am hoping that our youngest managed to get to work today.

God bless.

Wisewebwoman said...

Lists sure help me. I finally found a perfect small notebook for my purse with attached pen and band around it along with bookmark and it's perfect. My head is like a sieve, too much going on there.
Finally caught up with you, love the wools, the kids and the knitting.


Cheapchick said...

Gnat pee! More wine for you I guess.

William Kendall said...

And yet the Dark Lord at 24 Sussex acts likes nothing's wrong.

It's way too hot. I want winter!

Betsy said...

We've had a couple of very welcome days in the 70's but today the temperatures will start climbing again and by Thursday it will be in the upper 90's, close to 100 again for the foreseeable future. If we could have year round weather like the past few days I would be in heaven! I have to make lists too. If I don't, nothing gets done. Hubby makes them too and he is the most productive person I know.

Gillian said...

It's quite cold here, grey and very, very wet. That's summer! I have to make lists all the time. Seems that the very act of making the list helps me to remember as I often forget to bring the list.

Craig said...

A list is always a good idea Gill. 39C - not nice.
When we lived in Vancouver we had a brilliant make your own wine shop right on our street and it was wonderful. The wine was surprisingly good. Canada is the only place I've seen these shops.

Maggie said...

I used to write lists all the time but have got out of the habbit, it
does help with all those little things we keep putting off.

Our water was always paid for with a yearly rated bill and was very little,
at this house we are on a meter and i am very conscious of wasting water now!
Where ever i can i will use the dish water and even water from boiling veg (when it's gone cold). Luckily the weather had been wet of late so has saved that job.

maureenlthompson said...

Stumbled across your blog and added you to my list of blogs I follow. I too am a Brit, I lived in Canada for 9 years and now in the USA for nearly 11 years. Would never have left Canada if I hadn't married my yanky husband. I have a blog too, it is called 'I like making things'


I look forward to reading your posts.

boopnut said...

Glad I have AC! Ran some errands this morning...and that's about it.

Cat Lover said...

Isn't this heat and humidity terrible?
I find list making very helpful. If I don't I will forget something I wanted to do.
Love the description of your wine!
Hope you are staying cool. We are hibernating too.

Anne in the kitchen said...

The only thing I really want to know is how your DH knows what gnat's pee tastes like and who the person in charge of gnat pee collection for tastings is.

Everyday Life On A Shoestring said...

I've just been reading about lists today - I've had a relaxing school summer holiday so far but need to get list-making to up the productivity!

Anna of the Mutton Years said...

I'm adding making summer to my list. The existing occupant of the job forgot the UK.