Monday, July 20, 2015

I keep forgetting to tell you......

We have booked a few days away in September to Lancaster (city) in Pennsylvania.  We are staying in a hotel right down town, as we figured we could tour the neighbouring areas during the day.  Park up the truck and have dinner in the city at night.  We found where we stayed last year in Ohio, we had to travel everywhere by truck.  This way we can explore the city by foot. 

We have never been so am open to suggestions on what we must see and what to avoid etc.  I mentioned to dh that you guys always come up with great suggestions.  We travel the middle of September and are booked in the hotel for five days, with the possibility of staying more if we still have more to see.

The only big downer about all of this is the exchange rate for the US $ against the CDN $.  We ending up paying close to $1.30 CDN for every US $ the hotel charged us.  So unless there is some major change I won't be buying much when I am down there; which sucks as there is a big outlet mall that I know I am going to visit.

Of course I want to visit some of the "Amish" attractions, but will say I suspect they will be very commercialized, which does not appeal to me.

Are you going on vacation this year and if so where too?


Anna of the Mutton Years said...

Commercialised Amish attractions. Sounds like a misnomer to me but that's a naive UK view.

T'Pol said...

I love Lancaster area! I had been there three times. The The Tanger Outlet mall is nice but not that great as opposed to some others I am familiar with in the U.S. I have been a big fan of Woodbury Commons but, I am told The Mills at Jersey Gardens is great too so, on my upcoming trip, I would like to check that out.

The Amish stores are real nice but, very expensive. I like the woodwork they make. The food is pretty good. I would recommend you to take a look at the National Toy Train Museum in Ronks. I stayed at the Red Caboose Motel right next to it one time. It was really fun. You can take a buggy ride there too.

I do not know if it is a consolation but, 2.66 Turkish Liras are 1 USD as of today :)

Cat Lover said...

Sounds like a nice vacation! The exchange rate is terrible now. Hopefully it gets better before you go.

Tania said...

I cant offer any advice Gill, but I so wish it was me going to Lancaster. Hope you have a fantastic time while you are there and you post lots of photos :)

The Aussie dollar is not holding up too well either.


Jacquelineand.... said...

Come here some year... the Amish and Mennonite communities aren't as well known or commercialised, and I know some private little shops with truly great offerings. A couple I know make the BEST cheeses. Yummmm.
Sadly, don't know much about the Lancaster area.

Jane and Chris said...

What made you choose to visit Lancaster? I've never been,so plenty of pics please (it's the closest I'll get to a vacation!).
Jane x

Stella Jones said...

That sounds like an interesting trip Gill. I look forward to hearing all about it. We have just come back. My post today is about our short but enjoyable break in Somerset.

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Ok, never been there but my cousin who lives in Scranton says that you have to be careful of the Amish buggies when you drive--he says the buggies don't mix well with the cars! I don't know how much the Amish businesses are commercialized, I would guess not a lot--will be curious to hear. I know their quilts are really pricey. My sister in law lives in Ohio and they visit the Amish farms so I asked her to price a quilt for
me--she came back with $600 for a twin and that was 35 years ago! That is when I started quilting!

Rachel said...

Sorry I have no suggestions about the Lancaster, PA area. I hope you have a lovely trip though! As for our family, we actually just returned from a week in Gatlinburg, TN which I hope to blog about later this week. It was a very memorable trip, including getting stuck on top of a mountain when our brakes went out.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am from New Jersey and go to the Lancaster quite a bit. We never stay in Lancaster itself. Look into Bird in Hand motel on route 340 (?) more out in country. Stop at Bird in Hand market,Kitchen Kettle and the shops around that area. Some nice but expensive quilts. You need to drive the country roads and stop in the homes that sell things and the stores on those roads. The Green Dragon is a market in Ephrta, check to see when open, have not been there in a few years, some good old fashion cinnamon buns! Drive around Lititz, Wilbur chocolates buds are good. God to Shady Maple buffet for breakfast or dinner ( not on same day) in Blue Ball. There is a market right outside there also to go to and get some of their bulk foods. Watch for hot air balloons in the mornings.....we like to chase them on the country roads and see if we can get to where they land
Stop in Stolfultz market by Kitchen Kettle... Love their sausage and scrapple! Get scrapple to try if you never had it....don't believe what you read, it is excellent for breakfast! You can stop at Strasburg rail road to see old fashion steam train. Look into Mount Joy.

Sorry for so long...I would definitely not stay in Lancaster city itself. Beast part of that area is central market and you can drive in and do the shops / art if that is your thing . Mush better staying at bird in Hand motel...more in the country.
I personally think the outlets are a bust...not many deals there or you have to spend time looking for deals and that is not my interest . There are three outlet areas on Route 30. I like redding glass store and Totes shop for deals, some other small stores.....they come and
go, if you want a short drive inPa from your base...the Philadelphiaoutlet mall in Limerick is the best ( not really sure that is the name or just what we call it) they have some great shops and deals. Really like the Vera Bradley store there...great deals!
Eat soft pretzels, Taylor pork roll and scrapple, pepper pot soup if you can find it" if you want to take another day trip into Philadelphia ( only 2 hours away) go to Redding Terminal market! THE BEST" all in philly...go to south street market ( best in fall when cooler....that's the Italian market area ( not so much Italian though) go to Fantes for any cookware...cheese shop , so many bakeries...Terminies for cannoli . Federal Baking, Orsini and so many more. Ask the locals. Go to Pats steaks for a cheesesteak. To get the feel of south philly. All this is a way to spend the day and if you go before and after rush hour it is not really a lot of traffic. Worth it if you have never bee in Philadelphia, I am not a city person but will go do what I mentioned in a heart beat. Better sop now. Enjoy....if you have any questions just ask. Karen

slugmama said...

Hey Gill!
You should come visit me too! I am 2 hours north from Lancaster near the intersection of interstate 80 and 81 south of Wilkes-Barre PA.

I haven't been to Lancaster area since the late 90's so things may have changed a bit. If you are into history of the Amish there is a museum of sorts in Intercourse, PA. There is also a quilt museum in the area too.

Buggy rides are popular things to do, as are buffet type dining restaurants(way overpriced for what they serve IMHO).

We rode the Strasburg train(not too expensive).
Go up to Lititz to visit the Sturgis pretzel factory and the Wilbur chocolate museum and factory too.

Here's a site with lots of info on Lancaster....

You should also stop along the way to Lancaster in Wells, PA(if you are going along that route)to see the Grand Canyon of PA(if you are into natural sights).

Driving around to see the covered bridges is also a fun thing to do(that doesn't cost a lot of $).

Remember that the Amish don't sell on Sunday so many things will be closed.

Have a great trip and if you want to stop to visit me(or stay the night)email me!

Betsy said...

It sounds like you've had some wonderful suggestions of things to do on your vacation. I would be of no help as I've never been to Lancaster. I have been to the Amish market in Annapolis, MD where some Amish from PA come to sell their goods. I bought the absolute best strawberry preserves I've ever tasted there. I don't know if we'll have another vacation his year or not. My preference would be just to stay home or at our trailer on the lake.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

We've just had a trip out west to visit family. We are not ones for venturing to the USA, and now I'm looking at a few days in Ottawa.

Maggie said...

I would love to visit Amish country, have a lovely holiday.

We already had 2 weeks away, might get away again in September, not sure where to though yet.

William Kendall said...

It sounds like you've got quite a few good suggestions.

McVal said...

I love Amish country, even if it's commercialized... :)

Any time away is a vacation for me! You're going to have so much fun!

Oh - I posted all of Meri's photos a couple days ago on my blog. If you want to see them, go back a couple days.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hello Gill,
Sounds like a fun trip. I would love to visit Amish country as I find them fascinating folks. I have read many novels written by Amish authors.

I love cucumber sandwiches. My uncle, who grew up in England but has lived here in Canada for some time now, loves them too and whenever he and my auntie visit, I always make sure I have them on hand for their tea. Glad you stopped by!


John Gray said...

Can you post a photo of the hotel?

Cheryl said...

We are taking my ds to college 20 minutes away from Lancaster the end of August. The area is very commercial, but go to Bird In Hand market and look around. If you don't mind buffets, Good an Plenty is nice. You sit at long tables and share dinner with others. Cheryl

Country Gal said...

Hope you have a fun trip . Sounds like you have a few bloggers there to meet up with maybe and show you about , that will be cool ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

DeniseinVA said...

That's great about your holiday in PA. I don't really know the area so can't help but I have been reading all the suggestions from your co mentors, and the have given wonderful suggestions.

Janette said...

I see lots of my Amish neighbors here in Delaware. I love going by their schools during the year.
Delaware is tax free :)
Last time I was in Amish PA I did the Bird in Hand/ Intercourse area. Both wonderful. Don't forget to get off the main roads and see the little shops.

Margie said...

The only vacation that I took this summer was my Ottawa visit. Glad you enjoyed my tour of the Billings Estate!

I've never been to Lancaster, PA, but I found this cute tearoom called SugarPlums and Tea:

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Gill, we have been to the Lancaster, PA, area many times over the past few years as younger daughter & husband live in Mannheim, PA. I read through many of the previous comments and suggestions on attractions and all are good ones. The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania and the National Toy Train Museum and Choo Choo Barm model train display have been among our favorites. Fall is one of the best times of year to visit as less tourist crowds😏