Saturday, July 18, 2015

Haven't done a grocery shopping post in ages...

so took photos etc., of this week's for you.

First up Zehrs:
4 litres 1% milk: $3.97
3 x 2 litres icecream @ 99 cents each, a one day special
2 x Astro yogurt @ $1.99 each
Huge bag of frozen peas (can't remember size) $4.49

Total: $15.41

Then onto Giant Tiger:
2 x Parchment Paper @ $1.98 each
3 x 72 bags PG Tips Tea @ $2.00 each (SUPER PRICE!!)

Total after taxes etc: $10.45

Sobey's next:
Cereal: $3.00
Just over 2 pounds ground/minced beef:  $8.18
2 cauliflowers and 1 bunch broccoli 3 for $5.00 (actually charged $5.01) ANOTHER GREAT DEAL

Total: $16.19

Finally Wal-Mart

Highliner Salmon: $7.97 (price matched with No Frills)
1 lb Strawberries: $1.47 (price matched with No Frills)
Package coleslaw mix: $1.47
Bunch green/salad onions: 67 cents
1 x potato chips (crisps): 97 cents
1 x loaf bread: $2.28
1 x wholewheat baguette: $1.17

Total including 13 cents tax on potato chips: $16.13

Total spent: $58.20

As Canada does not have pennies in their currency we round up or down, so that's why when you add the four totals up it comes to $58.18, but I ended up paying $58.20.

So far this month I have spent $186.60, with only $3.25 in coupons used.  I don't count price matching as then it gets too complicated and too much work for me!!

As you can see there are no cleaning, paper or personal hygiene items in this week's shop.  I will probably pick up a couple of other items through the week, for example eggs, but otherwise that should be it.

I did discover a couple of things while out.  As the price of beef is high I see they have brought out a ground beef/pork mixture now.  Still pricey if you ask me.  Some bags of milk come in 3 litre bags instead of the 4 litre; very sneaky!!  I see big bars of cheese that used to be 500 grams is now down to 450 grams.

I was out an hour and a half in total.  I did a round trip visiting all those stores.  I could have tried price matching everything at Wal-Mart but I find they pull items off the shelves that are on sale at other stores at much cheaper prices.

I had a bunch of broccoli left over from last week, so I baked a broccoli and cheese quiche in the toaster oven.  We had half of it with garden salad and french bread for supper:

I was talking to a friend and she told me about a yummy sounding broccoli and cauliflower salad that I may have to try.

Any good deals this week where you live?

Oh and I finally got around to cleaning out my coupon wallet, I really need to knuckle down using coupons.


Fran said...

Great haul. Interesting that your PG Tips are sold in boxes of 72 - is this the same for all teabags? Here in the UK teabags are sold in multiples of 80, wonder why the difference? Xxx

Anne in the kitchen said...

This is not a super deal week here, though I did find heads of lettuce for 49 cents each and pork butt for .99 per pound.

Jacquelineand.... said...

I need to get back on it as well; I always manage my budget much better that way.

Craig said...

Good value I'd say - you have a keen eye for a bargain! The quiche looks super!

boopnut said...

I generally do most of my shopping at one store, but lately it has been one for meat, one for produce, and the gas station for butter and eggs! I generally buy what is on sale, especially meat and make my menu around that. I have been trying to shop with a menu in mind.

mamasmercantile said...

I have been trying to shop more economically, using coupons when able and buying produce on sale but the prices keep going up or the items are reduced in size. The quiche looks delicious.

Rose said...

I was just the other day thinking you had not showed your shopping savings in a while, nor the menu for the week. Mainly cause I was thinking I should do a menu. I used to always have one in my I don't have a mind to keep one in. LOL

slugmama said...

Whole chickens were .87¢ lb and coffee for $1.99 a can(after sale and coupons)at the grocer here this week. Produce and pork shoulder run at the restaurant supply store plus extra large eggs for $1.99 too!

You got some good deals there.

Jeannie Marie said...

I can't beat any of the deals here, I was happy to pay $1.64/lb for chicken breast on the bone and get a refund of $4.95 for an under ripe watermelon.

William Kendall said...

Those are good deals- and that quiche looks delicious!

Cheapchick said...

Steal of a deal on the Chapmans, my favorite icecream maker. Do you email them every year and request a coupon? They send a $4 one out once each year if you haven't. Nice family owned company. My favorite though is Black Jack Cherry frozen yogurt. I am not a frozen yogurt person at all - but this tastes like icecream and is amazing. Great deals!

Jackie said...

You got some excellent buys. It has been a long time since I saw milk in plastic bags. When the dairies tried to do the same out here (Western Canada) there were so many complaints they went back to the plastic jugs.

God bless.

barbara woods said...

i lose my coupons or leave them at home so just use price catcher at walmart

Cheryl mylittlepieceofengland said...

Quiche looks lovely. We use a couple of different shops to try and save money, one is much cheaper, but then our old one still has a couple of things we can't find elsewhere xx

Karen said...

We usually mix a bit of ground pork into our ground beef if we are going to BBQ anyway, so it was okay to get it already mixed and quite a bit cheaper. I hated to buy the grocery store strawberries at 2.47....but the local ones are 6.00 at the roadside stand we pass.
We found a variety of tea called Tata at Food Basics which is REALLY good and REALLY cheap. 216 bags in a red box is 6.99. M. checked into this brand and discovered it is the same as Tetley. They sell the same tea under several different brand names. In the UK it usually comes in a box with the County name on it. And here I was buying tea at the British store every time I went to the city!

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

The quiche looks delicious. I think the same about Walmart and pulling items that are on sale in other stores. We had a bigger shop last week with being away for 2 weeks, so the fridge looked bare when we got home. I cooked up a lot of yellow beans a neighbour gave me, froze most of them for soups and stews in the winter. I also picked a lot of peas and will do them tomorrow. The grandkids and SIL ate up a lot of them right out of the pod ... the best way. Things should be back to normal this week.

Cat Lover said...

Sounds like you got lots of good deals Gill. We have a Walmart a 5 minute drive from us so I do most of my shopping there. Especially since they started the price matching a few years ago it makes it very convenient. The quiche looks delicious!

Joolz said...

I have been stock piling everyday products I use but only when they are out at half price. I have oodles of shampoo, conditioner, dishwasher tabs and body wash. Not having to buy these each week really makes a difference in my bill.

MiserlyMac said...

This is my first time here and I really enjoyed reading your blog! I learned to knit when I was 8 and really want to get back to it. I also love to read too. The quiche you prepared looked so delicious!! I am Sonya Ann's friend and she sent me here! :) Cheers!