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Sunday, June 30, 2013

View from our window.........there is no view at the moment

We have a male cardinal that keeps seeing itself in the windows and thinks it's another cardinal.  As they are very territorial it keeps attacking it's reflection and it's driving me potty.  So the woman at the bird store in Orangeville suggested I put up newspaper on the outside of the windows for a couple of weeks to see if that stops him.  You have to put it on the outside as he can still see his reflection if you put it on the inside.  I'll let you know how we get on.

Not sure if you can see these, but we also bought some stickers for the large window as the birds are forever flying into them.  Again you have to put them on the outside of the window.

 I have also made a start on putting on the orange borders on dd quilt, so it's starting to "pop."  There are still the borders between the rows and the outside border to do.

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That would make it dark inside, wouldn't it? I get birds flying into my windows all the time. I had to hang some lace up. Sue

We have such a time of birds and windows here too, once it was a Canadian goose, talk about scary!! Your quilt is so darn cute I know DD is going to love it!!

The birds need to see a visual barrier they figure they can't fly through.The best is stripes no more than four inches apart (birds know they can't fly through the gaps). The stickers are completely useless...but look pretty!
Jane x

Another suggestion would be to move any bird feeders to a nearby tree and hang wind chimes or the quiet wind blowers (something that moves in a gentle breeze)on the outside window. Bess

The cardinal in my back yard makes a lot of noise but, does not come close to the house.
Love the way your quilt is looking, what pattern is it? where did you find it?
Dd is going to love it.

Love the quilt, even if you can't see inside the house to sew it, LOL! Happy Canada Day!

Gill... I was going to say, "that's in interesting way to save money on drapery"... ;) hahaha!!

I *LOVE* your quilt! It's just beautiful! You have so much talent... wish I was that good at quilting.. one day maybe! I can't wait to see it completed!

I wish you luck with the birds...some fly into this window here by my computer, but so far, none has committed suicide.

Quilt is really, really looking good.

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