Sunday, June 23, 2013

Couple of good deals this week.

If you have a Rexall store near you they have Swiffer products on sale for $3.99 this week.  Both the dry and wet clothes and the dusters.  If you got your Procter and Gamble coupons, there are $1.50 coupons that you can use.  They have a three day special on Tide laundry detergent for $4.99 and again there were P & G coupons for $2 off.

At No Frills I saw and bought a 500 gram bag of shredded Silani Cheddar Cheese for $3.  I did not see this advertised in the flyer. So check your store as that is a super deal.  I may go back later in the week and get some more, as it freezes no problem.  Also in this weeks paper was the Smart Source insert and there was a $1 coupon of 2 packages of Christie Cookies, and No Frills have them on for 2 packages for $3; with the coupon making them $1 a package.

I picked up the rental car on Saturday, although I am not paying for it.  It's a Ford Fusion and is a very nice car. Still want my Betsy back though and fingers crossed she comes back to me all mended and happy!!

Will be hibernating this week as it's going to be stinking hot and humid.

By the way anyone have any ideas on how to stop a male Cardinal from constantly flyer into our window attacking his reflection?  It's driving me potty!


boopnut said...

I am trying to imagine the Cardinal and it brings a chuckle. Next time take a picture!

Anonymous said...

To keep birds from flying into your sliding glass doors, get some plastic stick ons, come in all kinds of pictures. They will not be able to see their reflection as much. The male Cardinal is the most beautiful red bird. Bess

Jake said...

Some type of reflector will work. Those small stained glass ones will catch the light and keep the birdies from flying headlong into your windows. Hope this helps.

Paula said...

Don't they always suggest hanging something in the window? Though maybe that won't work if he's attacking his reflection.

~Carla~ said...

I grabbed the FETA as well but never thought about freezing it! Darn! Oh well... no idea on the cardinal... sorry! :(

Em Parkinson said...

My mum put masking tape crosses on her windows which kind of worked but it did look a bit WW2!