Thursday, June 20, 2013

Update on the car............

The garage has had the car since late Monday afternoon.  Every time they try it, it starts right away.  So I tell them I am going to pick it up on Wednesday afternoon as no one can find anything wrong with it.

Dh takes me there and I go to start it and of course it won't start for me.  So get the mechanic there and a service guy and to cut a long story short, left it at the bloody garage.  Do I have the magic touch that makes my car not want to start?  How many ways can you start a car?  One as far as I know.

Meanwhile dh is having to take this afternoon off work to take me to Brampton for a hospital appointment, as even if we had got the car back he doesn't want me driving any distance in case the car breaks down.  This is becoming very annoying.

I even suggested what Maa had said to them and reboot the bloody computer in the car.  They have never seen this before. (SIGH)


boopnut said...

Cars can be such a pain in butt. Hope they figure out what is wrong and get it fixed soon!

Jane and Chris said...

This is getting weird.I'd be afraid to drive the car.
Jane x

slugmama said...

I had a Chevy like that, with a mystery condition. It would just cut off while driving for no reason. Once I was on the interstate highway going 60mph when it happened. Of course, the steering and brakes shut down shortly after when the motor turned off so quite more dangerous than a car that just won't start at odd times.
We took it into 2 different shops and neither could find the problem.

Needless to say soon after it did that on the highway, we got rid of it.

Em Parkinson said...

Cars are utterly infuriating Gill - you have my utmost sympathy!

Fishcake_random said...

The only thing that I can think of that would be different is perhaps your key?
If you have a huge amount of keyrings or something very heavy attached to keys it can pull it out the ignition slightly.
Found this one out in a very unamusing way!
x x

angela said...

I hate that! My hubby is a mechanic and cars do this all the time to me. I hear a loud noise and when I get him to listen nothing. Drives me batty!

bonsaimum said...

Damn machinery!!

Rose said...

Sounds like something you can't live with nor without...about like computers sometimes.

Sometimes I long for the day when every vehicle wasn't computerized. We really don't have trouble with our Rav 4 nor with the Camry we had before...but Roger changes the oil himself...and you have to get on line to find the 'certain way' you have to turn it on and off till you can get the 'change oil light' to go off.