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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Garage/yard sale

I had volunteered to help out a friend with her yard sale on Friday afternoon.  Up here Friday is as good a day to have a yard sale as Saturday is.  I know unusual.  She had put a notice in the newspaper, and as usual got the timing wrong and instead of it saying Friday afternoon it said all day.  So people were there from first thing.  I turned up just before 1pm as arranged, shocked to see it all set up.

Now it was a billion degrees out there with the humidity and you all know I hate that sort of weather, but I stuck with it.  It wasn't that busy; had been busier in the morning she said but she got rid of a lot of stuff.  However, there is still more to get rid of and she has another friend helping her today.

My observations were that the strangest things sell.  Things that you would normally throw out.  She has some crocheted baskets that originally held tulle and almonds that you get as wedding favours; remember those?  She sold all those.  She had some old dogs toys from when they had a dog, sold those.  Old mason jars with the old glass lids, sold all those.  She sold a lot of Tupperware; I would have loved it, but have no where to store it.

I should mention my friend is in her 80's and never throws anything out.  She has a bedding set from the 70's drapes included, I bet they end up going.  She has ornaments and plated silver things coming out of her ying yang, I hope most of those go.  I will say she was quite the sales person, and a few people bought things they weren't even looking at thanks to her pointing them out and "making" them buy them.

I haven't had a yard sale in a while, and to be honest I don't have much stuff that I want to sell; other people may argue that point!!!   Are you holding a yard sale/car boot sale this year and what do you think sells the best?

To while away the time in between customers I did my cross stitch, so got quite a bit done, so not a wasted afternoon.  She has another friend helping her today, I hope they get rid of the rest of the stuff.  It's all set up in her garage, so the weather won't be an issue.

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Glad it all went well and you survived the humidity ! Down here once a year in August the entire are has what is called a 100 mile garage sale and all participate with in the different towns and villages so much stuff and a lot of it is hand made to from people who are just wanting to sell and share their crafts ! Thanks for sharing ! Storms again later today here but this morning it is sunny with a nice cool breeze! Have a good day !

There is no rhyme or reason to what sells at a yard sale. Peoples' needs and wants can never be anticipated.

Ah well Gill, it sounds as if the stuff that sold well was 'vintage'. Everyone is clamouring for vintage items at the moment so what you wouldnt think would sell does.

I hope to have a yard sale in the coming month.
I had one last year when I cleaned out the garage, and you would not believe the stuff that went first, nuts, bolts, screws, bits of wire, etc, stuff I would have thrown out, but did feel guilty about putting it in the garbage.
One man's junk, another's treasure.

Sounds like exactly the type of Yard Sale I would have liked to go to!

Friday is a good day around here for yard sales. Plus it is a good time to see all the best 'stuff' before the weekend crowd. I've had yard sales and what you think will sell doesn't and what you think won't is in demand and sells quickly One person's junk is another person's treasure.

Yard sales are such a great idea. Around here there's not a lot of passing trade though! I hate high humidity....glad you had a good day Gill.

I have never had a yard sale...with all I have gotten rid of this year, I should have. But just wanted rid of stuff.

We don't have the traffic round here to warrant a yard sale.
Jane x

This humidity has bee nasty. Far from my favourite either. Glad you took your cross stitch along.

I just did a car boot sale for my Mum - I couldn't believe what sold and what didn't either!


I have never had a yard sale, donated things to a yard sale at the church but not one of my own. I usually bag things up and take them to a thrift store that donates to charity. I also send all e-waste (old computers, TVs etc) to someone who recycles them. Yard sales are too much bother for me.

Your friend sounds quite savvy! I think a lot of people (falsely) believe that older seniors don't know the true value of their vintage goods, so they feel like they are getting extra-good deals.

I loved going to garage sales when I was little, but have never had one and probably never will! Too much trouble for me, when I have stuff I don't want I just drop it off in a donations box!

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