Monday, June 24, 2013

Some photos and bits and bobs......

As it was stinking hot on Sunday I went down the basement to my sewing room and put together my June block of the month.  It's another Pinwheel variation.  This was all cut on the bias, and I thought the most difficult one yet, not helped by the fact one of the fabrics they provided wasn't enough, so I subbed my own for the rectangle piece.  Not to fond of the colour way but still pleasing to the eye.
Dh decided to treat me to a Tim Hortons coffee; though due to the heat I had a frozen lemonade.  While in town we called in Zehrs where I picked up the three hair dyes, they were on clearance for $2 and I had $4 worth of coupons, so all three only cost me $2.78 and I have enough dye to last me the rest of the year.
We also called in at Sobeys as I had a free product coupon and a $1.50 coupon for the Dempster's Garden Vegetable bread. Personally I think it's an expensive product even when it's on sale at $2.99 a loaf as it's only a small loaf.  However with the coupons I only paid 75 cents a loaf.  I also had a $1 coupon for the sausages, and with cashing in $5 worth of points I only paid $1.96 in total.

Mind you I have managed to spend $288.58 this month with savings of $146.38.  So in theory I only have $11.42 in my budget for the rest of the month.

Not sure if you can see them in this photo but here are four of the baby squirrels.  I couldn't get the other three in the photo.  They are getting more and more adventurous and moving a little further afield.  


bonsaimum said...

The squirrels are so cute. :)

angela said...

I love the pinwheel but like you I'm not sure on the colour. You are such a great bargain hunter, we don't have coupons here I so wish we did, I could impliment all I have learnt from you over the years the babies are very cute

boopnut said...

I think your quilt square is very pretty! Squirrels are fun to watch.

Buttons said...

Oh Gill LOVE that pattern on your quilt block.
You are going to have beautiful hair without a worry for a long time now. Good buy.
Have a nice week. B

Lena said...

Great savings! I have $2.31 left until the end of the month...Ouch :)