Friday, November 30, 2012

Very strange dream.....

I woke up on Thursday morning very confused and tired as I had, had the weirdest dream.

I was in England at my mam's house.  We were in her kitchen, dd was washing dishes........that in itself is strange as she hates doing the dishes.  She was talking with my mam and they were talking about the meal we had, had at Swiss Chalet the night before.  I was confused as I couldn't remember going to Swiss Chalet for supper???

I was boiling the kettle to make a pot of tea.  However the teapot was a fold up teapot and plastic?  Needless to say when I poured the boiling water into the teapot I missed???  As I was wiping up the water, I heard someone hoovering, and as dh was in bed, I went to see who was hoovering.  When I got to the living room my step-father was cleaning the windows with furniture polish?  We all know you don't clean windows with furniture polish.

Then a dog comes bounding towards me and it was a Komondor (had to look up the breed to figure out what it was), and instead of it having white hair it was a blue/green colour?  I then see a basket and in it was what I thought was a black cat, but it turns out to be a dog.  THEN another white fluffy dog comes running up to me.  So now there are three dogs in the living room.  My mother doesn't have dogs, so I go back into the kitchen to find out why she hasn't told me about all these dogs, and both her and dd are still talking about the meal we had the night before at Swiss Chalet??

Thankfully I woke up at this point, very confused and tired.  Now the only thing I can decipher from this dream is the small black dog, as Cindy had emailed me this week about a black Pomeranian dog that needs a home.  Otherwise I have no idea what the rest means??  Any ideas anyone?

I think this is the most expensive "Home of the Week," I have featured at $14 million and in all honesty it's awful.  There are small signs that children live in that house, but it isn't a family home.  It looks more like a model home that no one lives in.  Very sterile and I would feel like nothing could be touched or messed up?

The "Condo of the Week," for $1.6 million is interesting.  I would actually really like it if I could drywall/plasterboard all the ceiling and walls.  I am not a fan of the exposed concrete look personally!!!  Look at picture 6 and that funky looking lamp, never seen anything like that before have you?  In picture 8 you will see the bar stools in the kitchen, "R" has them in bright orange, very cool.  I am always terrified I will fall off them....LOL


Rose said...

What a strange dream! I often wonder what dreams mean.

I don't care for either the house or the condo. I just wonder does anyone ever feel like a place like that is home? It is just too much for my tastes.

bonsaimum said...

You need a 'What do Dreams Mean' book. :)

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

The email must have triggered the dream I would think, Gill. You now have "dog brain" I would think :), or dog on the brain. Think the little guy is going to a trial home this wknd? Darn to have not remembered the meal at Swiss Chalet? you really missed out on that one woman !

Debby said...

I hate dreams like that!! They bug me all the next day. Better eat a chocolate before bed tonight so you will have sweet dreams

Buttons said...

That is some dream there are a lot of bloggers having very strange dreams lately. I wonder what any of it means?
Have a nice weekend. B

Connie said...

I'll have to keep searching. For $14M I definitely would want the pool to be an indoor. Where would I swim in winter? A public pool? Definitely not posh enough. I rather like the condo.
Weird dreams here too, most of them involving last workplace people and location. What's up with that?

Jane and Chris said...

At tht risk of sounding indelicate...the main house looks like an upmarket brothel!
Jane x

Anonymous said...

You could try for some meanings. I always feel anxious after weird dreams...

Bare concrete is horrid! They plastered and painted the kitchen ceiling, so why not the living area...? Each to their own.

As for the $14 million home - how many servants would be needed to keep it so clean - eek!

I hope you are more settled today and no more weird dreams.


Boyett-Brinkley said...

Ok, here is my take on the dream -- you want to visit England, you want a puppy, you want to go out to dinner and you are tired! You must been tired after that active a dream. The furniture polish on windows and the collapsible, plastic teapot -- well, I don't know about those things but both seem to indicate a lot more work cleaning up after them!

I don't really care for either of the houses -- I don't think I would call the first one a house -- more like a grand hall of some sort but definitely cold and unwelcoming. The second one is too modern for my taste. I think I am just a regular ol' person who likes my house to look lived in which is a good thing, because it does!

Piece by Piece said...

I think the following explalns why you had this dream.
On Wednesday, Nov 28th there was a full moon!!!! The sky was a clear and as a bell and it was very bright.
My Mother, told me when I was young that if you go to sleep with the moon shining on you through the bedroom window, you will go crazy.
Also, my youngest daughter works in a Nursing Home, and she always says the residents act strange when there is a full moon. Years ago my late OH worked at a Veterans Hospital and also said the same thing.
Gill, I agree with one of the previous comments, buy a big box of chocolates, it's only a dream, you mind was working overtime. LOL