Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Must be nice to have too much business.........

Dh broke his glasses last night.  He NEEDS his glasses and wears them all the time.  He had a spare pair that is exactly the same.  The only thing is the lenses were a slightly different prescription.  So he decides to change out the lenses until we can get another pair.

Anyhow to cut a long story short neither of us could get one of the screws in.  After fighting on with it for a while we decided we had better go to town and see if an eye glass store could give us another screw and put it in for us.

We went to one of the biggest chains of eye glass stores in Canada. 

The conversation went like this:

Dh: I need a screw for my glasses (he''s showing them to her)

Me: and would it be possible for someone to put it in for us, as my husband can't see without his glasses on and I am having trouble doing it, even with my glasses on.

Store Lady:  I'm sorry we can't do that as if we break them we'll be liable and you could sue us.

Me: well is there some form we can sign so you won't be liable?

Store Lady: no we can't do it.

Me: well can you at least give us another screw?

Store lady: no

Dh was about to say something, when I said fine, let's go next door to Zehrs to see if they could help.  A customer who was listening to the conversation, also said go to Zehrs!!

We go to Zehrs the guy not only replaces the screw and puts it in.  He also adjusts the glasses so they sit straight on dh's head.  He did explain they were older so they could break.  We said be as careful as possible and he was and everything turned out fine.

Dh was telling him he'll need an new pair of glasses.  The guy told us about an upcoming 50% off sale from the 22nd to the 24th of November at all Loblaw's  brand stores that have an Optical department.  He showed dh some types of glasses that would be suitable.  He told us what was involved and what he would need from out optometrist. 

His customer service skills were awesome.  Because of that dh will be getting two new pairs of glasses and I have made an appointment at our optometrist to see if my prescription has changed and will be getting two new lenses for my glasses if it has.

So overall the major chain store we went to originally has probably lost out on $1,000 worth of business, as dh gets all sorts of extras on his glasses.  I think I will call the manager of that store and tell him that.

At the end of the day, how you treat your customer's DOES matter and customer's are your bread and butter!!


Rebel Blossom @ Studio 2sixty said...

It's so frustrating that these big name stores create policies that completely inconvenience folks...don't they realize that they are just pushing people away :(
If it's the same chain I used to go to starts with an "H" I stopped going there a few years back for the exact same reason...poor customer service. Glad your hubby got good service!

Jane and Chris said...

Customer service used to be the norm,but now we notice if we get it!
Our garage is more expensive than drive in places but their customer service is second to none.They even let Chris have an office to work in while the car is being worked on.
Jane x

Tammy Chrzan said...

I completely agree with you. Big chains... meh.
It's the smaller people that seem to care, and have the better service.

Rose said...

I think you should contact the manager...and just tell them what business they lost. On second thought, maybe you should contact the company itself.

I had bought three or four fat quarters a major fabric/craft store here in the us. I happened to get them out and measure...they were short by anywhere from a quarter inch to over half an inch.

My daughter had bought several...so I thought, we'll see how they measure. She had bought at least 7 or 8...all were short. Not a single one was 18 inches long, not one was over.

So I set down and wrote the company. I got a reply that they would talk to the company that does their packaging...and they sent me a $15 gift card. So it pays to complain.

Debby said...

You are sooo right. I won't spend my hard earned money at stores who don't treat customers right. People just don't take pride in their work anymore

~Carla~ said...

Unbelievable! What is wrong with people?! :/ Glad you found better service!! :)

Anonymous said...

Sadly, it's the same the world over now. I had a similar experience with a national Optician when I lived in England. I went to a well known supermarket as they were offering discounts on frames and a free eye test. They specially ordered frames for me in a colour not stocked and repaired my old glasses to keep me going.

Glad you both got better customer service and great discounts elsewhere.

Best wishes


Northern Living Allowance said...

Make sure you also write a letter to Zehr's and let them know about the good service you had there. I find it's easy to write a letter to state the negative, but I often forget that a polite letter stating the excellent service of another is welcome, too. Managers, employees, companies, they all like to know when they're doing a good job as well as a bad one! Glad you got everything sorted to your satisfaction! x

The Witch said...

Bad service needs to be reported.
Good service also needs to be reported because the salesperson may actually get a bonus or a raise. Well deserved from the sounds of it. I'm tired of bad service and clerks who don't give a dam. I'm also tired of the saying there you go!! What every happened to thank-you for your business?
Good post, as I have had some issue with service and have filled out their survey cards to the max.

Evelyn said...

I would report them too. my glasses come from my opticians place, small business, expensive but they treat you right, customer service is second to none but even they admitted that they don't carry extra screws either

Karine said...

Good for you on getting a deal like that!

Cash Only Living said...

I hope you gave that second store a nice Yelp review. Good customer service is SO hard to find these days!

DeniseinVA said...

That other store really lost out didn't they and I am sure you are not the only customers they have lost. Glad you both got yourselves sorted out.

bonsaimum said...

I go where I get good service. If the level of service changes, then so do I- I change opticians.