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Saturday, November 10, 2012

SOLD! and happy birthday to our daughter......

A guy came by one Friday night and bought the snow tires from us.  Got $400 for them, wanted $500; regardless they are gone and now I can get snow tires put on my car.  Still have to find another $600 to pay for them, but that's better than $1,000.  Must say I am glad I don't have to deal with this anymore, as there truly are some strange people who troll Kijiji.

It's our daughter's 27th birthday today.  She is like a small child as she is so excited about it.  She was telling me on Friday it was only one more sleep to her birthday!!  Must say it's infectious her enthusiasm for life.  I am making lunch for them all and we are having lasagna or fettuccine Alfredo, Cesar salad and garlic bread.  Followed by apple caramel pie with whipped cream or ice cream.  More or less all from M & M Meats.  I cashed in the $25 discount card when I spent $50.  I also picked up 2 x chicken lasagna, cheese and spinach cannelloni, three cheese pasta, 5 vegetable toasty's (no idea what those are about), steak and vegetable soup and loaded potato soup which I got free for spending over $10.  All in all it cost me $26.

I will post photos of what we got her tomorrow.  I am also getting the baby shower photos on Sunday, so fingers crossed I will be able to share with you on Monday.

On Friday the people down the hill from us was having some sort of fire all day.  I have no idea what on earth they were burning as the smoke was tremendous.  Luckily I didn't have my laundry out, otherwise it would have stunk of smoke.

Sad to hear about Bill Tarmey, "Jack Duckworth's" passing.  Always loved his and Vera's character on Coronation Street.

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Happy Birthday to your daughter. And congratulations on selling the tires, we have craigslist here and I never sell anything unless my husband can go with me to meet them. We have had some very strange people come through

Oh Happy Birthday Gill's Daughter. B

Happy Birthday daughter! Only the very very best special people are born on the 10th November (like you and me)!!!! Have a good day x

Happy birthday to your daughter Gill. I hope she has a lovely day.
Can't wait to see those photos when you get them. Sue

Great that the tires are gone since they were of no use to you now. That really looks like some fire at your neighbours' place! Hope your daughter has a fun birthday.

Happy Birthday to your daughter! Tell her to make the best of all her new days. How I wish I were 27 again:)

Happy Birthday to your daughter!
And good news to hear your tires are sold.

Happy Birthday Miss Daughter!
Jane xxx

Happy Birthday to your daughter!

Glad you didn't have clothes out...I hate it when I put some out and have the neighbors start their lawnmower....when it is dry. Stirs up an awful mess.

At least you are not right on top of your neighbors...

It looks lovely where you live ... fire or no fire.
I wonder do you find it very different than the UK, the colours of the fields in the photo remind me somewhat of the hills and moors of Lancashire.

Vicky x

Happy Birthday to your daughter. Hope she has a wonderful day. Glad you sold your tyres. Every bit helps as they say. :)

Love the view from where you live, smoke and all! Happy birthday to your daughter!

Happy birthday to your daughter! And, the dinner sounds fantastic. :-) I'll be right over!

Congratulations on selling the tires! And the things you cook, amaze me! They all sound delicious every time you post something. It also amazes me the amount of money you save. You should write a book to be honest!

Thank you for posting about Bill Tarmey's passing. I had the opportunity to see "Jack and Vera" in person years ago (20 or so!) when they were doing a shopping centre tour in Canada. Lovely people both, and even more comical as a pair "live" than they were on Corrie. It is a sad day...

Almonte, Ont.

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