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Friday, November 9, 2012

A story about a nana and her grandson......

The conversation went sort of like this:

Nana: I think you're getting too old for Advent calendars.....

Grandson:  (insert whiny voice here) but Nana, Christmas wouldn't be the same without the advent calendars.....

Nana: okay I'll keep on sending them.

This conversation happened around 6 or 7 years ago when ds was probably around 21 or 22.......

Yesterday I went to the post office to pick up a parcel that my mother sent..........yep the advent calendars.  Ds will be 29 in April and dd is 27 on Saturday..........

I wonder if I'll be a soft touch like my mam is when I have grand kids?  Now son-in-law doesn't get one as dd ends up eating his as well!!!

My poor old hand is still sore....that's why I haven't been on the computer much.

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My mum still buys them for my kids (adults)...but not me :(

Sorry your hand is still sore Gill.

That is so true - my DD (21) still wants an Advent calendar every year!

Sorry about your hand this weather is terrible. B

Oh hope your hand will get fully better soon. I've used the excuse of a very tiny thumb complaint to touch nothing water related all week. Bliss. Chaos in the house, but bliss. I would have to confess that I always forget about Advent calendars until the very last minute- this is a good head's up: thank you, Nana! And I'd have to agree on the never too old...

Oh yes you will be a soft touch for sure. I received my Advent Calandar long after my prime and saved them...I pass them on to Granddaughter. I'm not nearly as ambitious as my own Grandmother was...

OF COURSE you will be a soft touch!
Jane x

I'm 41 and I still have a traditional advent calendar every year. Not chocolate, there's nothing to see after the chocolate has gone.

My almost 16 yr old still requests them too.

Yes I am between contracts/jobs Gill. Last one ended mid-July. I am still just hoping to win the lottery :)


I still get Advent Calenders; one year I didn't get one with moving to another country and I felt a little lost without it. Sounds silly doesn't it? LOL!

I see it as a way of softening the mayhem of Christmas shopping and cooking by bringing in a little bit of innocent fun.

Hope your hand is better soon.


That is just such a nice tradition...wonderful to Grandma connections like this....want it to be that way with our Lorelei.

And yes, you will be a soft touch for a grand child...just wait. There is just something about it...maybe we are more relaxed since we don't have full responsibility of them...and also just cause we might be a little bit wiser.

Hi Gill,
Take it from a Grandma - you can't help from being a soft touch. :)
Actually I have three advent calendars at the moment on my dining room table. One for each of the grandkids when they come for Thanksgiving.
Sure hope your hand begins to get better soon.

Thanks for visiting my photoblog today. It's been a while since I've posted on that blog. Glad to know someone still knows it exists. :)

I am thinking you will be beyond a "soft touch", more like a "marshmallow" when it comes to you grands.

I still get an advent calendar and I'm...older than your sons! Don't like the chocolate ones though. Mine has to be glittery and vintage-looking. If the back is thin so the light shines through the pics, all the better.
Best wishes to the hand.

Advent calendars are such a fun tradition! Of course you'll be a soft touch! :)

I just love advent calendars and get one every year, thought not with the chocolates. I think those one's would be even better to have.
And yes when the grandchildren arrive you will be a very soft touch. That's what Grandmothers are all about. Take care and I hope your hand is better soon.

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