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Friday, November 16, 2012

New tea pot and other things

I bought a new teapot the other day.  It's the Aspen teapot from Tea Forte.

I wanted a teapot with the option of using loose tea or tea bags.  This one comes with a removable filter.
The other day when I was in the city I had a few minutes to spare so I called into a thrift store that I have been too before.  As I was parking the car in the car park, a woman driving a newer model Jaguar pulled in beside me.  The woman got out and was very well dressed.  She followed me into the thrift store and I saw her looking through the clothes rack's.   This thrift store does not have good quality items to my mind, and found it surprising that someone who obviously had money would shop at a thrift store?  Though maybe that's why she does drive an expensive car, as she saves money by buying clothes at a thrift store?  By the way I spent a total of 57 cents for a brand new Christmas mug to add to a gift.

I managed to get all my Christmas cards written and all the international ones mailed out on Thursday.  I did have a parcel to mail which was just over $17, but the stamps itself for the cards came to $40.  Now I will have a couple of local stamps left over, but overall I used them all.

I have nearly finished the Christmas shopping.  I ordered some more things from Amazon as all my Swagbuck's Amazon gift cards came through.  I had $40 this month, and with what I ordered, I only had to put just over $4 to the total.

On Wednesday night I went to "Ladies Night," at our local Home Hardware.  I actually thought it was just a figure of speech, but they really meant it was Ladies only and turned away men.  I picked up some things, all Christmas gifts and my scratch and save card was worth 10% off, so that was better than nothing.

I can't believe it is Friday already.  I am determined I am NOT leaving the house today, as I have been out of the house every day.

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My daughter who is studying in Ireland has gotten extremely addicted to lose tea. So now I am trying to find a tea pot like yours or I will give her my grandmothers tea ball. Funny we all drank tea cause my grandparents did(from Ireland) and she was a coffee drinker until she got to Ireland

I don't drink tea but because we live in a Victorian time period home I have a huge tin box full of different teas to serve and different tea pot for different moods. On of my passions, just too bad I don't like tea. That said I really like your new tea pot. The very idea that you can use loose leave as well as bags intrigues me.I have to get one of these for my mother-in-law, the worlds biggest tea toddler. I am glad you shared this.

Oh my, my first comment didn't show up??? I don't drink tea, but live in a Victorian farmhouse that serves it in different pots, all different type of teas. I love that tea pot. The very idea you can change it from loose leave to bags is intriguing.Thanks so much for sharing this. I just looked up on their site where to find these and I see two local spots.

Oh I love that teapot the colour the filter it is so darn cute.
I see fancy cars in front of Thrift stores all the time I think of it as the rich people slumming it:)
It is kind of funny. B

My aunt used to volunteeer in a charity shop in a wealthy area in the UK. She got her fur coats from there...she was loaded so didn't need to buy from the shop...but fur coats were a bargain . Not anything I would know about!!
Jane x

What a cool teapot Gill. I will stick to my tea ball since it wouldn't warrant a pot, but just the same love it. I need to get me one of those "rubbers" to prevent all the spillage from my one pot.

A couple of my sisters shopped at thrift shops and yard sales and always managed to find shoes that were like new...expensive shoes. As well as other items...and neither of them had to at all.

I don't mind shopping at them...but can never find women's clothes...but I get lots of good flannel shirts at them.

I have made two quilts from men's shirts that I bought at Good Will...one was flannels...it is pictured somewhere on my blog...http://picsandpiecing.blogspot.com/2011/11/not-much-new-here-in-my-little-corner.html#links

I hope that works...it is the first quilt of course.

So, got a question...with all the tea you drink...do you also like coffee? I just wondered. I never ever have even tried hot tea--bet you think I am crazy (or stupid). Roger drinks it though. And I drink iced tea....

But we just get the liptons, and I wonder if a true tea drinker likes it at all.

Perhaps the well dressed lady was looking for presents for her staff.

Ive noticed the same thing at our local Goodwill--so many high end cars (Mercedes, BMW, etc) that it looks like a new car lot! p.s. Love the teapot with the filter--I didn't know they came that way.

Lovely tea pot! I have a bit of an obsession with tea pots, and have to stop myself from buying them. I'm the only person in my house who drinks tea, so how many do I really need?!?

I also love the teapot! I use a teaball with mine, as i prefer loose tea, and i have a strainer that i can use when i pour out the tea as well, so it catches any loose bits of leaves.

Rose, i don't like Lipton's as i find the taste too bitter, and it's just not very good tea imo. If i'm at someone's house, and they offer to make me a cup of tea and it's Lipton in a bag, i am polite, and thank them, and drink it.

While i never found a big taste difference between iced coffee and hot coffee (I only ever liked the plain old cup o'Joe), i do think iced tea tastes different from hot tea.

I love teapots and have several with the removable filter. I know you only need one, but I just can't explain my 'yearning' for them. So far here,we haven't had car parks full of exotic cars, while the drivers clean out the op-shops. I guess 'keeping up with the Jones's ' has it price and something has to give.

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