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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Follow up from yesterday....

Called the corporate office of the glasses store in the States, as they cover both Canada and the States.  The guy was really nice and he was going to contact both the store manager and the district manager.  What if anything will happen after that I'll never know as I won't be visiting the store.

We had snow on the weekend, so there has been some activity with my ad for my snow tires on Kijiji.  Spent part of Tuesday emailing back and forward one guy.....still not sold them though.  Another guy wanted to swap his four tires with no rims for my snow tires with rims???  There are some very funny bunnies in this world!!!

Things are quiet around here, still really tired from the weekend and my right hand is not at all happy at the moment, so trying to rest it as much as possible.

9 super stars left a comment:

It's good that you reported your experience to the corporate office of the glasses store. They can't change what they don't know. Good on you :) Hope your hand improves.

rest that hand!
are you blogging with it?....
or are you dictating?

At least your complaining got a result...

Can I ask what is wrong with your hand...did you have carpel tunnel? I know I should know but for the life of me that is all I can think of and not sure it was you that had trouble with it.

Good for you reporting that business! It's people like you that make things happen!

I'm glad you got sorted with the glasses Gill. Poor hubby can't do without them can he!

My mother always advised us to go to the top, so glad you did just that!! Know what you mean about the hands...RA gets a grip on me sometimes and won't let go!!!
Keep warm, especially your hands

No snow here yet - thankfully! you can keep it all - I'd just like a lil bit on Christmas eve :)

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