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Monday, November 19, 2012

Told dd not to waste her money buying these..........

but when I saw them half price I figured I would try them out.  They are Presidents Choice fully washed and trimmed veggies.  They are normally $4.99 for a 907 gram (just under 2 lbs) bag.  I picked up a bag of mixed veggies.

And one of the broccoli.
So I took the carrots and as there were only 12 oz added a couple more carrots I had in the fridge to make a batch of carrot soup for my lunch for at least three or four days.

The broccoli from the mixed veggie bag, I steamed and made a broccoli and cheese quiche, so that will last us two meals.

With the cauliflower and some of the broccoli from the broccoli bag I steamed it and will make some cheese sauce for a cauliflower and broccoli cheese sauce casserole.  With take the two crusts from the loaf of bread and make bread crumbs for a topping on the casserole with garlic bread.

The rest of the broccoli I blanched and I put into two freezer bags to use at a later date.  I wish I had picked up some more bags as I think at half price they were good value.

What's funny is that I was talking to our son and mentioned to him that we were having broccoli and cheese quiche and Greek salad for supper and would he like to stop by for his supper.  He declined as he couldn't imagine not eating meat as part of his supper.  He's a meat eater through and through.  I think its from all the years he spent working part time in the meat department of a grocery store.  He started when he was 14 and only left when he left university and started work full time.  He knows more about meat than I do, he knows how to prepare it and what are the best cuts.  Me I don't mind meat, but it doesn't bother me if I don't eat it every day.

Are you a meat eater or do you prefer your veggies?

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great bargan shopping, my son is the same. Hes a meat eater too just like his dad.

I eat meat occasionally, but prefer veggies.

Oh! A broccoli and cheese quiche, one of my favorites! Sounds yummy. This week I am traveling. Next week when I'm home, may be I should make one too. I can freeze half of it for later. Quiches freeze real well.

I like veggies a lot but I do love meat too.

We are both meat and veggie eaters here, but I have been leaning toward more meatless meals lately...I am trying some recipes out and have been pleasantly surprised that some are quite tasty! We enjoy seafood too...

Definitely a bargain there Gill. Cant go astray with that price!


I was a vegetarian for two years and thought I was OK I began fainting and came to find out I was terribly anemic.
My Grandma says "I told you YOU need to eat meat and potatoes, your Irish."
I miss Grandma and she was always right :) B

What a deal!! Everything sounds so yummy. We go meatless many times, however I do need to throw a hunk of meat on hubby's plate or bowl sometimes! Ha

I haven't eaten meat since 1986.
Jane x

I eat anything. I can be a vegetarian one day and a meat-eater the next, or both or whatever. Very vesatile, but I do not go nuts if I cannot have meat for one day. I would most definitely have joined you for your casserole, it sounds yummy!

The quiche sounds like a delicious idea. Maybe I need to make quiche tonight. :))

I'm like you. Only buy them when pink stickered. I will admit to buying the odd bag of stir fry mix for $1.99 when time is at a premium.

My lot will eat Cauli cheese if there is ham on the plate!

Veggies for sure. Making quiche is going to be one of my 2013 resolutions!

I couldn't find your email address to answer the question you left on Cranberry Morning, but, I only ship to Canada for sales made through my Etsy store. http://www.homemadesoapnsuch.etsy.com Thanks for stopping in at Cranberry Morning! :-)

Oh, my, we eat meat at every meal. I don't have too...but Roger would think he was starving if he didn't have meat. Or almost every meal.

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