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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Birthday presents and are you a man or a woman?

Dd main present from us was a Sophie Conran vase to match all her other dinnerware she got as wedding gifts.  Love her in her birthday tiara!!

Her brother got her this birthday card; notice the 7th hand written in!!

The kids were dears and put up the snow fences for us............another job off the list!

I "stole" this from here as I thought it was funny....... Carla was talking about this store on her blog.  So are you a man or a woman when it comes to colours?

13 super stars left a comment:

so whats with the colour chart thing - trying to be funny eh?
phoning my lawers as we speak !

How charming she looks with a happy tiara! And this color chart is so funny.

she looks happy to receive that vase! definetly a man when it comes to colours

I'm all woman,Chris is all man!
Jane x

Love the colour chart, and so true it is.

I love Dd's tiara!
As for the colors, I'm definitely a woman lol

Happy Birthday to your Dd. Such a pretty vase you got her!

Your daughter has a beautiful smile! She looks happy with her present.

As to the chart...would you believe I am in between...too funny but it is true...I would say red/light red/dark red...etc,...

What a lovely photo of dd. Happy Belated Birthday from me. I liked the vase a lot too, now to look at that color chart.

Lovely picture of your daughter. Looks so happy and content. :)

I'm definately a woman when it comes to colours...it annoys the "men" in our house to no end! :)
I love the hand added #2 birthday card...we do that here...it's really cute and unexpected.

The vase is gorgeous! :) Love the card... haha!! Isn't that colour chart funny/true?! lol!

Happy Belated Birthday to your lovely daughter!

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