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Monday, November 12, 2012

Baby shower photos (photo heavy)

I may split these up over a couple of days as there are a number of photos.

Here we are, dd, "R" and me........I am truly shocked I am actually smiling.  Hard to believe "R" is seven months pregnant there!!!

Lets look at the food:
This was the cold drink dd provided:
These are the cookies that dd best friend made, they were stunning; and she put a lot of work into them.
I purchased a small 5" cake for "R" to take home with her:
Another photo of the cupcake tree and cake:
A photo of the sandwiches and other things on the table:
This is a photo of the room we held the event in:

13 super stars left a comment:

Oh Gill this looks wonderful. You can see all the hard work put into the details. You can also see the smiles it brought.Great job. B

What a fun day!! And she's seriously tiny for somebody who is 7 months pregnant!

It all is amazingly lovely, Gill. Lots of thought, planning and WORK went into this event. I am sure "R" must have been thrilled with it all.

Smiling faces, great food and beautiful teacups...everything to like!

Wow, I am really hungry now! Those cakes all look amazing and interesting drink too.
Hope you had a wonderful time, the china looks good on the tables, what a lovely light airy room.
Sarah x

I know how much hard work it was so I'm really happy to see you smiling! The cookies are fantastic!
Jane x

Just beautiful!!! What a blessing this shower must be! :)

Beautiful ladies, delicious food and a lovely room. Well done - I'm taking notes as I'm hosting a baby shower in 2 weeks :)

Gill, everything looked fabulous, all that planning paid off, and it looks like it was an event to remember.

Honestly that's one of the prettiest baby showers I've ever seen... And you look lovely when you smile!

Amazing!!! Hope I can call on you if ever I throw a baby shower! lol

"R" sure does not look pregnant...the food looks delicious. Those 'baby' cookies are adorable.

Wow, that all looks splendid and I loved the photo of you with your daughter and R. You all looked great. I came back to answer your question on the birds you saw in my post. I think they are young guinea hens.

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