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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

All done, other than some baking.........

Yep, I finished off my Christmas shopping on Tuesday so all I have left to do is bake some cookies for a couple of neighbours and maybe get dh a small gift.  We don't usually exchange gifts as I prefer to go shopping in the sales.

On Tuesday I also went into town to pick up my "win," from the library silent auction.  I had put in a number of bids but thankfully only won the one thing and it was a basket of Presidents Choice brand groceries, and so it was a useful prize.  It was worth $75 so it said and I put an offer in at $40.

Here is everything out of the basket:
Here is a list of what was in the basket:
Other than the hot sauce, we will be able to use everything in there.  It's a good fund raiser for the library and along with a home tour, a raffle and book sale they managed to raise over $11,000 which is good.  I also bid on a print and they were saying the lady who won it doesn't sound very reliable, so if she doesn't pick it up, they'll call me.  It was a print of tulips and very pretty.

15 super stars left a comment:

Nice Bid you were able to get, Gill.

What a splendid gift basket.:)

Oh that is an incredible basket. Tulips would be nice:) B

What a nice box of goodies you were able to get. I wish I could say I was done with my shopping but no such luck :(

Awesome win!! Olive oil alone is an expensive commodity!
And I'm so jealous all of your Christmas shopping is done!! Good for you girl! Ive missed your blog, I'm home now so I will catch up after 3 million errands today!!

What a great win! groceries is always abonus.

Awesome win, nice basket to have at Christmas time.

Lucky you! And Christmas shopping finished too. I have not started, but thankfully I do not have much to buy.

That is a good idea for a fund raiser for the library...something you probably wouldn't mind giving to anyway. Looks like you got a lot for the money anyway.

Looks like a fun basket of treats, and ditto on the olive oil. It's super expensive (at least in our area), so that would likely be $10-15 value.

That pommegrante soda is great ice cold. Mix it with either Vodka or White Cinzano and it's even better.

Looks like a great win to me!! :) Enjoy!!

oh you have maple bacon chips there? i want some of those! i also won a bid at my librarys silent auction but they just auction off books. 5 books for 26 but one is a rare one

Excellent win! Congratulations! And a great fundraiser for the library, too. x

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