Saturday, January 31, 2009

British Football, Toronto FC and the Daily Savings Club.....

Is a sport I can actually watch. I don't know the rules but I do at least have an idea what is going on.

Dh subscribes to Setanta Sports and its well worth the $15 a month we pay for it. It keeps dh entertained for hours. Dh was watching the Cardiff vs Arsenal game on Sunday, I only saw a little of it, and didn't get into it. After that though was the Liverpool vs Everton game.

Now when the fans sang You'll Never Walk Alone I was all goose bumps. I love the way the crowds all sing together.

One thing I also love is the theatrics of the players, you would honestly think they had been mortally wounded the way they fall down, only to be up and running again two minutes later. Hello, weren't you rolling around looking as though you were in agony a minute before?

When we were in Britain last year, dh went with my brother to see Carlisle United play, he is a big, big fan of Carlisle United, someone has to be I suppose...LOL Anyhow years ago went he used to go regularly he would just stand in the stands, as he's getting a bit older they wanted seats this time. They sat next to two older women, who they said were regulars. They came all prepared with a flask of tea, china mugs, blankets to cover themselves. They sang along with the crowds they were really into it.

They were sitting quite close to the away fans, which could have been interesting as my brother is a big boy who wouldn't look out of place in the Mafia. However he is as soft as muck, and he went to the toilets and nearly ended up in the away side........mind you I don't think he was wearing any Carlisle gear.

So that brings me to the football hooligan stories. Like with anything else it's a small minority who look for trouble and who cause it. Are they true football fans, I don't think so as if they were they would be there to take in the game, not to fight.

I can't say I am "in" to any of the players like when I was growing up. I remember thinking George Best and Kevin Keegan were gorgeous. Nowadays you have David Beckham (I wouldn't mind waking up to him in a morning though!!), Wayne Rooney can't say I like him, and Cristiano Ronaldo who I am sorry I can't stand. I will say though Fernando Torres seems like a great player.

Well that's my take on British football, I don't know much,but what little I do know I like. By the way trying to get tickets to see Toronto FC is like digging for gold, or even looking for hen's teeth...LOL So needless to say we haven't been to a game.....I wonder if anyone from Toronto FC reads my blog, and could let me know what the secret is to getting tickets for a game???

Also with it being the last day of the month, make sure you put your last quarter in the pot, for the daily savings club, you should have $7.75 in your pot. I am posting about this and more money things tomorrow (Sunday)


Lakeland Jo said...

any one enjoy soap operas? Then support Newcastle united. latest- a player on strike because his manager can't pronounce his name. The club are selling him... and tomorrow... a new drama will unfold.

Anonymous said...


David Beckham

Kevin Keegan.

Swoon, or should that be triple swoon!

And the funniest thing is that your word verification for me to post my comment is HOT! lol how appropriate!

Winifred said...

Oh yes Newcastle United, it's definitely like a soap opera.
They must be the laughing stock of the Premier League.

It was sad to see Kevin Keegan leave them, the fans loved him but you couldn't blame him. What a shower they are. Doubt if they'll get a decent manager until they get a decent owner. There's been nothing but fighting at the club for donkeys now.

Kiki said...

Thanks for the reminder about the savings club. I had good intentions but forgot about it :( Anyway, I just transferred $31 ($7.75 for each of us) into my savings account. It'll be safe there since that account has no access through debit cards.

George said...

Older women complete with tea, mugs and blankets doesn't sound like the typical fans were used to reading about. But I'm glad you enjoy the game. Both of my children played 'soccer' as youngsters and I learned to enjoy the game.

scrappy quilter said...

I don't much watch sports so no comment there. However, I have never seen such a great way to save. Gill, it's ingenious. It doesn't take a lot, you don't even miss a quarter and look, you already have $7.75 saved. Thanks for sharing that will all of us. IT'S THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Don't know much about soccer, Gill--but I have heard of David Backham AND his wife!!!!! ha

I do love alot of sports though. After raising three sons, I didn't have much choice. I love football, baseball and basketball the most!!!!

Have a great weekend.

Janet said...

I used to be a huge Man Utd fan in my teens, and saw Georgie Best play on several occasions. I still enjoy watching the odd game of footy, but don't get many opportunitis these days.

I agree, David Beckham is a nice piece of eye candy, as long has he doesn't open his mouth. That squeaky voice is awful.

BTW, I will take up your "A" challenge next time I post.

ChrisJ said...

My husband's from Liverpool and the matches between Everton and Liverpool were always a big thing. Sorry to say, I don't remember which he supported! We've not been much into sports, except I do like tennis and will be happy to see Feder win another championship.

Gill - That British Woman said...

great comments guys.


Clippy Mat said...

well m.o.h. is off to son's house this sunday a.m. to watch toon army, NUFC, no doubt get another tanking!!! i despair
i agree on 'you'll never walk alone' but there's nothing like standing in st. james' park tho' and hearing, the blaydon races.

Laura @ no more spending said...

Amazing...just as I was reading this post Torres scored for Liverpool against Chelsea...wonderful as I'm a Liverpool fan, but very spooky :)