Friday, January 9, 2009

49 Followers, what super people they are........

So I thought I'd feature each and everyone of them as a thank you for following me in my blogging endeavours. I will admit I have my favourites, but I will post them in the order of which they registered.

1. Linda - she has two blogs, but I follow the one that I have highlighted. I love how she lives in Australia, she's such a kind person.

2. Cannedam - I've know "R" through Frugal Shopper for a while now. I love her sense of humour, and as she is an American living in Canada, I enjoy her take on things. One thing though - SHE DOESN'T BLOG ENOUGH!!!!!

3. Stephanie - she's the movie queen and a fellow quilter!!!

4. Headly - a busy mom, fellow Canadian, who also works as well.....

5. Tracey aka The Mad Quilter - as a mother of six I don't know how she has the time to breathe never mind quilt and sew. She from Australia, and we met via the Crafty Mama's website.

6. Jonnie's Universe - I'm sorry I have no idea about this person, as they don't have a blog I can see?

7. Kim - another fellow Canadian that I know through Frugal Shopper, and a busy mother

8. Expateek - An American living in Poland........she takes the strangest photos to go along with the story she is telling and they are generally funny stories!!!

9. Ms Rinkly Rimes - she's one busy lady with not one, but four blogs, how does she do it? Check out her blogs.

10. Prairie Girl 66 - I have to apologise, I know nothing about you, I am so sorry......... :0(

11. Anastasia - other than I know you are Canadian, I apologise I don't know anything about you, sorry........

12. Bobby - A young man from Oman, who I have got to know through Angry in Oman's blog.

13. The Good Life in Virginia - Erin's photography skills are great and she is a wealth of information about her area, well worth a visit.

14. The Simple Things - Caroline's blog is great a bit of everything, she makes me think, and she is in Australia.

15. Clippy Mat - Pat is a fellow Brit, who lives about an hour away, depending on the traffic, with that "special" British sense of humour, no need to say anything else, right!!!

16. The Tea Kettle Corner - Karyn, I know her through another site I used to go on. Her blog has a bit of everything on it, well worth popping into have a look at.

17. Gaynor - A fellow Cross-Stitcher and a great blogger, I love her blog, she has lots to say and she says it well.

18. Winifred - A Brit, who I am guessing has a beautiful Geordie accent? I just adore the Geordie accent, always have done. Plus she is a great knitter and crocheter.

19. Cherie - A fellow Canadian, who is super organized, but for some reason she hasn't blogged in a while, not sure why?

20. Merle - If you want to have a chuckle, pop by this lovely lady's blog. I have no idea where she gets all these jokes and funny stories from, but it certainly brightens up my day by visiting her blog.

21. Little Mountain House - I love to pop by this blog, as you just never know what you may why Angelena has written about.

22. Old Lady Lincoln - a bit of everything here, just pop by and see what there is there today.

23. Cathy - her blog is full of all sorts of posts, I like to pop by just to see what she has to say today.....

24. Rudee - a talented knitter and a nurse, she's one in a million!!

25. Life In Windermere - Jo comes from a place close to where we used to live in Britain, and she is such a great person. I love to pop by and see what she has written about.

26. Chachaneen - a bit of everything is what you will find over at Janeen's blog......

27. Outback - Interested in the Australian Outback, then pop over to Tania's blog, it's really interesting.

28. Hadriana's Treasures - I like this blog as it's from an area I am familiar with in Britain. She's also a super nice lady!!!

29. A pot, a thought and a smidgen of dirt - a lovely New Zealander who lives in Britain with a blog that contains a bit of everything in it.

30. Jessica's World - A delightful Southern Girl, with the cutest little girl ever, pop on by her blog, as you'll just love her.

31. An English Girl Rambles - Denise a fellow Brit living in North Virginia. She has a super talent for photography, you should see her photographs on her blog, they put mine to shame. A super lady and so kind. Also I think we both started blogging around the same time?

32. Alcoholic Daze - the story Roserio tells is fascinating, you have to read her blog......

33. Flutterby9 - hasn't been posting recently, no idea why? She talks mainly about her grocery budget etc.

34. Hyde DP - a great photographer, check out his work

35. Whiteruffles - has a bit of everything on her blog, but again she hasn't posted recently?

36. Ms Opinionated - and that she is...LOL "R" is a dear friend who doesn't post enough, so when I see her next week I will be talking/nagging/encouraging her to do it more often!!!

37. Moira - has two blogs, one for her poetry and one with a bit of everything on it......well worth spending a few minutes/hours over there.

38. Mommanator - a very spirited lady, one in a million........pop over to her blog.

39. Postcards From Across The Pond - Mike is an American living in Britain, I just love the way he writes, he's very entertaining. Love the "Hot Toddy" and "Hot Tottie" story, I am still laughing at that one.

40. Titania - An Australian lady, who has a stunning garden and takes beautiful photos, oh I wished I lived where she does!!!

41. Fat, Frump and Fifty - comes from where I was born in Britain, so any photos she takes, or what she talks about is of course an interest for me.

42. Quasimodo - know her through another site I used to go on, a lovely lady, pop by and see her

43. George - Lives in a most beautiful part of the world, as far as I am concerned, and he is a lovely man, with lots to say.

44. Joyful Reflections - Betsy is George's wife and a lovely lady with a lot of lovely photos on her blog.

45. Funky N Cheap - If you want to know how to save money this is the blog for you, great inspiration......

46. Sherrie - has a lot of blogs, check them all out!!!

47. Pat - is a new follower to my blog, so I am just getting to know her.....

48. Almost Mrs. Average - another new follower to my blog, again I am just getting to know her...

49. Scrappy Quilter - I have known "C" or a while now, she is a fellow quilter and does some beautiful work, pop by her blog and see.

I am so honoured to have these people follow my blog, I hope you have time to pop in a see these lovely blogs. I did post on everyone's blog to let them know I was posting about them. I wonder who will be number 50????

Are you still remembering to put your 25 cents in your pot everyday? You should have $2.25 in there now!!


Strawberry Jam Anne said...

It's me Gill - thought I was already following as I pop in almost every day. Will now be checking out some of your other followers as your list has made me curious.

A x

Rinkly Rimes said...

I'll use this list to tune in to some nice people!That's blogging!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Thank you, Gill, for the honour. I know some names in there and like you I loved Mike H's "hot toddy" story. There were definitely be some other websites/blogs which I will check out.

I still wish I was more like you on the money side. You inspire me! Hx

Margaret's Ramblings said...

You now have 51 followers. I thought I was already a follower as I always read your posts but I then realised it's because you are listed on my blog. Loved the post. It is nice to read about others, where they are and what they do. Margaret

Evelyn said...

lol gill maybe I should be number 50? honestly i have thought of blogging but i know I would never find the time but enjoy reading others blogs. thanks for the bios, helps to understand these lovely people! evelyn

Clippy Mat said...

Hi Gill:
Yep, I'm not that far away. And one of these days we are going to have to meet up. I'm a big fan of your blog because you have so many good ideas. thanks for the mention.
(and the idea....)

Hyde DP said...

well i popped into quite a few though only commented on a couple.

what strange and interwoven yet disparate lives we all lead.

CannedAm said...

What a great thing for you to do! I would have a hard time keeping everyone straight in my head! I will be blogging more once I get moved. I suppose I could spend a little less time reading and a little more writing. Everytime I take a break from housework, packing, cooking . . . here I am!

Thank you for the nod!

scrappy quilter said...

Awe thanks Gill, I check your blog everyday. Thanks for honoring us this way. Hugs

George said...

Thanks, Gill, for the kind words. I always enjoy visiting your blog.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Thanks Gill. That is so sweet of you. I'm proud to be one of your followers. And you are one of mine!!!!

Lakeland Jo said...

How nice for the kind mention. Good of you, and you have made my day. xx

The Good Life in Virginia said...

hi there gill
a good friday to you.
wanted to thank you for the mention nice of you and i do enjoy dropping by and visiting you :)
in february i am off to italy and will be posting some pictures of my adventure(perhaps while there)...trying to line up a laptop actually right now :) would be great to post daily pictures :)
take care and again thanks for the is so appreciated by ME :)

Rudee said...

Well, thanks for the kind words. I'll certainly pop in to see the people on your list.

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Good afternoon, and thank you for listing mine. I appreciate it very much. This past week has been really hectic, trying to get one prescription for my husband and getting the run around since Dec. 2nd. finally I apparently got hold of the right person/department or phone number because I was able to pick it up yesterday and they even reimbursed me for the one box I had paid cash for. I will refer back to this list. I already go to some of them. In fact it seems it's harder and harder to get around to all I would love to visit each day. Have a terrific week-end. We;re suppose to have a snow storm, at the moment the sun is shining. Once again the weatherman is probably wrong. LOL Have to run to bus stop to meet 8 year old granddaughter.

Lib said...

Hi Gill,
COngrads on your 49 followers!
Hope you have a great wk.end!

Winifred said...

Thank you for this list of interesting sites for me to visit. What a nice idea and many thanks for the mention.

Yes I do have a North East accent but I'm not a proper Geordie, wasn't born near the Tyne! It's a bit more of a County Durham one but maybe we all sound alike.

Ms Opinionated said...

Hi Gill,
Ahhhhh - thank you for adding me on your impressive list. I cannot wait to be lectured by you.....I too brag about your blog and when I have a moment I will check out your favorites.

have a good weekend!
Ms Opinionated

Janeen said...

Thank you for the lovely mention of my blog! I enjoy reading yours too! This is a FUN post too, can't wait to visit your fans! ha ha

Stephanie D. said...

Thanks for the mention, Gill! I hope to peruse some of the other sites this weekend--always fun to meet new bloggers!

Oh, and the TV is fixed, so there is a new movie trivia question up today!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gill, I off to read them all. fiona


Hi Gill - thank you so much for the mention and what a lovely idea to introduce your followers. I recognise quite a few of them too. It's wonderful to be part of your following circle. I'm now going to have a gander at some of the others. Thank you :-D

Caroline said...

Thank you Gill for mentioning me on my blog I love following your blog and I am glad you like mine to.

Ah but getting back to "I make you think" bit I hope it's in a good way!!LOL
I know my blog is a crazy bit of everything just like my life. I tend to go with the flow a bit, if I like it I love it if I don't I won't!!

Jess said...

Thank you so much for featuring me...I'm so

FOrgive me!

Have a good day!